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Big News, World Bar Has Reopened As A Multi-Level Arts Hub For Sydney’s Fringe Festival

By Georgie Coutts
5th Sep 2019


In big news, Sydney’s resident boozy tea-pot bar (which took a makeover late last year to transform into Cali Club) is on the comeback to amp up your Fringe Festival antics. Yep, in an ultimate ode to the arts, the bar is reopening as Fringe Festival HQ and will feature four performance spaces for up-and-coming artists to use.

Also on the cards for this year's festival, is a sling of next-level events to get around, including the Fringe’s renowned dance blowout. At this party, you can expect a time-warp of antics inspired by your 90s prom movie dream, a 40s Cuban club, a prohibition dance hall and a 70s soul train disco.

The festival will also feature Yuck Circus, a hybrid performance of high flying acrobatics at the Legs On The Wall, and Hillbilly Thriller—an immersive theatre performance worth locking in. You’ll also need to get around Love+, an award-winning debut theatre performance from Ireland and Sydney drag queen superstar Minnie Cooper.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Sydney Fringe Festival—once a small collection of performances in the Inner West, this month-long bash now spans the whole city, promoting the importance of the arts in our community. The festival celebrates independent production, whether its music, live performance, comedy, art or anything in between. Championing experimentation and originality, the Fringe pushes the boundaries of artistic expression, so expect to be inspired, challenged and entertained all September long. 

Make sure you check out the full line-up for Sydney Fringe Festival 2019.

The Details

What: Sydney Fringe Festival
When: September 2019
Where: Various locations around Sydney

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