Sydney’s 8 Top Bikram Yoga Schools

By Melissa Paddison
19th Oct 2013

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Love a work out? Want to build strength, boost the immune system, flush toxins, and be cleaned from the inside out? 

Look no further for your next workout, and step into a Bikram Yoga class. This style of yoga was created by Bikram Choudhurey from Hatha Yoga. Bikram developed this sequence to systematically work every part of the body. Each internal organ, muscle, ligament, and vein is utilised to create a synergistic balance within the body to restore, repair and rebuild optimal health. 

This challenging form of yoga is a series of 26 postures (asanas) along with two sets of breathing exercises (pranayama). Unique to Bikram Yoga, the classroom is heated to a toasty 40.6 C (or 105F). Be prepared to sweat and feel your body reach new limits of physical endurance. The heat protects the muscles to allow for a deeper stretch, assisting the body to release toxins, and to increase the heart rate for a deep cardiovascular workout. 

There are numerous benefits received from the power of a Bikram Yoga class. 

  • Flushes away toxins and waste in major internal organs (kind of like an oil clean or a great plumbing repair!)
  • Builds a powerful and healthy immune system
  • Improves the circulatory and respiratory system
  • Internal massage of the digestive system to improve the overall digestive process
  • Builds endurance, strength and toned muscle
  • Strengthens tendons and joints (which can provide relief to chronic joint inflammation) 

Where to get your sweat on? Top Bikram Yoga Studios in Sydney include:

  1. Pure Bikram Hot Yoga - Bondi Junction & Maroubra Junction
  2. Bikram Yoga Darlinghurst - Darlinghurst
  3. Bikram Yoga Northside - Lane Cove
  4. Bikram Yoga Inner West - Petersham
  5. Bikram Yoga North West - West Pennant Hills
  6. Hom Yoga - Darlinghurst. Offers a variety of hot yoga styles. Try the Hot Hatha for a Bikram sequence. 
  7. Evolve Hot Yoga - Gosford, Central Coast
  8. Bikram Yoga Brookvale - Brookvale, Northern Beaches

Some Bikram tips

Once you have decided where to practice, ensure you bring a few essentials. I like to take a large bottle of water to stay hydrated, two towels (one for my mat and one for after class, there is a lot of sweat to mop up!), yoga mat, and a change of clothes. It's nice to bring these to avoid any extra fees at the studios. 

Also, many of the Bikram studios offer exceptional rates for special passes. For example, a 10 day unlimited pass for just $17. It also helps to avoid eating food for about three hours prior to a yoga class. After class remember to stay hydrated and drink lots of water, or my personal favourite, a coconut water for some yummy electrolytes. 

Need more incentive to try out a Bikram Yoga class? Bikram Yoga has some of the most incredible testimonials for life-changing improvements. Check out an inspirational story from my husband Clint, who was able to use Bikram Yoga as a tool to heal his chronic rheumatoid arthritis and begin to walk again. And here is a rundown of Clint's favourite yoga schools around Sydney.

Melissa Paddison is a yoga teacher and Wellness Coach.

Image credit: Hom Yoga

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