Sydney’s 10 Most WTF Foods

By Ellie Schneider
2nd Apr 2015

Sydney’s food scene is a playground of weird and wonderful dishes that are sure to test your taste buds (and stomachs). From calorie-fuelled desserts to terrifying global delicacies (fried crickets, anyone?), we challenge you to take on Sydney’s most WTF eats at some of Sydney best restaurants.

Stoner’s Delight at Ms. G’s


There have been many incarnations of Ms. G’s iconic dessert over the past few years. Having recently introduced ‘Stoner’s Delight part 3’, this one’s a no brainer on our list of Sydney’s weirdest dishes. A medley of donut ice cream, peanut dulche de leche, peanut and pretzel brittle will have you salivating. But that’s not all. Top it with crispy bacon, mars bar brownie and passionfruit curd, and then throw in some potato chips and deep fried Nutella and you’ve got one of the best desserts in Sydney.

Lasagne Burger at Bertoni Café 


You all went nuts when we wrote about Sydney’s first (and only) lasagne burger arriving at Bertoni Café in Balmain. Two slabs of house-made lasagne, crumbed, fried and made into a bun, are then stacked with a wagyu patty, gooey mozzarella and special Italian sauce. And as if that wasn’t enough, the lasagne burger comes with a pile of shoestring fries. Now that’s a lot of heart-stopping indulgence! 

Fried Crickets at El Topo 

Bondi Junction

Eating insects may be the stuff of nightmares, but El Topo is about to make it a reality. Close your eyes and order the ‘chaplines’ – crunchy, roasted crickets imported from Mexico, flavoured with chilli garlic and lime. These little grasshoppers aren’t actually as bad as they sound and are definitely worth the experience. 

Cocoa-crusted venison saddle at est. 


One of the best restaurants in Sydney’s CBD, est. is renowned for its seasonally driven menu designed by head chef Peter Doyle. The seven-course degustation menu is a must for any foodie, and features his unique cocoa-crusted venison saddle, with salt baked Jerusalem artichoke, boudin noir, prune and coffee crumb. We think this dish is pretty epic and is as well deserving of its spot on Sydney’s tastiest dishes as well as this list. 

Deep-fried banana taco at The Norfolk


Here at The Urban List we’re big believers that anything tastes better deep-fried. So when we first heard about The Norfolk’s battered banana tacos, we didn’t need convincing. Two fried corn tacos come loaded with deep-fried banana, peanut butter ice cream, ice magic, peanuts and 100s & 1000s. WTF, right? 

Elvis burger at Brewtown Newtown


At the hub of Brewtown Newtown is its ‘brewnut’ production, which has become famous citywide. Now, they’ve created a savoury edition, served with ground beef, Canadian bacon, Gruyere and mayo, served with a side of chips. Known as the Elvis Burger, it’s a combo of cheesy, meaty goodness that has us weak at the knees. 

Deep-fried chicken skins at PappaRich


Yes, it is as awesome as you think. Similar to pork crackling, the deep-fried chicken skins at PappaRich are so crunchy and ridiculously moreish that before we know it, we’re licking the plate clean. It’s like chicken heaven, so you’re going to have to wait in line. 

Barbequed lamb testicles at Red Charcoal BBQ


Hidden within the depths of Chinatown, this is certainly one for the more courageous eaters. Taking the nose-to-tail philosophy to challenging heights, raw lamb testicles are coated with cumin and salt, and cooked on a charcoal grill. The result is a smoky, charcoal flavour, which may not be to everyone’s tastes but definitely makes for a good WTF story. 

The Black Widow at Parlour Burger


The Black Widow at Parlour Burger has to be seen to be believed. Head Chef, Sean Connelly, has created a black charcoal bun, then stuffed it with ground beef, jalapeno chilli and chipotle mayo. Since charcoal is the latest known superfood, we’re going to do our body some good and dig in! Needless to say, The Black Widow is well deserving of its spot on our list of Sydney’s 20 best burgers. 

Secret taco at El Loco

Surry Hills 

We love tacos, but the ‘secret’ fillings in this one make us scared, excited and hungry at the same damn time. Known to include crumbed lamb’s brain, pig’s testicles, chicken heart and pig’s uterus, some say it’s offaly good (get it?) but for others, the idea may make them run for the (Surry) hills. Definitely try it if you’re game, but we suggest ordering a pork, prawn or chicken taco as well, just in case.

Image credit: PappaRich Ultimo 

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