Sydney’s Best All Day Breakfasts

By Sophia Richardson - 21 Sep 2017


The wonderful thing about breakfast is that you can pretty much eat it any time of the day and it's socially acceptable. Pancakes for dinner? Hell yeah! Cereal for a midnight snack? No judgey eyes here. 

Sometimes we don't wake up in time for ‘traditional’ breakfast hours. But what's fun about so-called traditional hours anyway? 

Here are some of the Sydney's best cafes serving up the best all-day breakfasts in town, no matter if it's well past lunchtime.

  1. Formerly a convenient store, St Jude in East Redfern conveniently serves breakfast until 3pm. We're huge fans of the smashed avocado on toast. Think simple, healthy and tasty AF.
  2. Inject some sugar into your veins with Brewtown Newtown's brewnut. Not after a sugar hit? The corned beef hash with garden peas, poached egg and parmesan crumb is a winner.
  3. For some of the best hangover food in Sydney, pay Three Williams in Redfern a visit. The narnie is all you could ever need.
  4. West Juliett is a must when in Marrickville. Their breakfast staples are excellent, and listen to us when we tell you to GET A COOKIE. They are the actual best.
  5. Ruby's Diner in Waverley features all your brekky faves including bircher, eggs, and banana bread. They also do a mean raw breakfast salad if you're in the mood for something healthy.
  6. And if you’re after granola for afternoon tea, you’d be silly to stop anywhere but Youeni. They serve it with house-made coconut yogurt and stewed rhubarb, you guys!
  7. Then head down the road for a smashed avo at The Baron, plus a cheeky batch brew while you’re there.
  8. Dachshund’s reformed avo takes avo on toast to the next level with vine-ripened tomatoes, goat's chevre feta, quinoa herb tabbouleh and crispy sage on cooked bread. Yep, we told you it was next level. And it’s available alllllllll day.
  9. If it's bagels you want, it's bagels you shall get. Smoking Gun Bagels in Woolloomooloo specialises in bagels, and they’re potentially (read: definitely) some of the best in Sydney. 
  10. Alexandria's Bread & Circus has a number of wonderful all-day breakfast options. We'd suggest a dish, but as the menu changes so frequently, it’s better to just wing it.
  11. Setting up shop in Chippendale before it was cool, Cafe Giulia serves one of the best bacon and egg rolls known to man. A bite from one of these is sure to chase away any remnants of a hangover.
  12. Fouratefive is in the brunch mecca that is Crown Street in Surry Hills. You may have to wait for a table on weekends, but it's worth it.
  13. We love breakfast at Orto Trading Co. Their Southern fried chicken benni and carrot cake hotcakes will definitely leave you full and satisfied for the rest of the day.
  14. As the name would suggest, Bondi Wholefoods is a wholefood brekkie heaven. And with brunch served until 3pm, you can get your chia on until well after lunchtime.
  15. Get your all-day breakfast on at Revolver in Annandale. Give us their friendly service and free-range eggs any day.
  16. We’re digging Social Hideout Cafe in Parramatta, mainly because of The Habib: za’atar poached eggs, beetroot hummus, pomegranate, Portobello mushrooms and smashed avo on sourdough. Yes. 
  17. Joe Dough, because waffles and scoops of cookie dough are always a good idea.
  18. Birdwood Cafe in Lane Cove is one our faves, because all we really want in life is a damn good breakfast and damn good coffee—both available here. 
  19. You may have been living under a rock if you’ve not seen a breakfast from Platform Eighty Two in Strathfield—get there ASAP. 
  20. Dural’s Wolfe and Co. has a pretty darn good all day brekky—we’re talking pecan pie French toast (we know). 
  21. Get your acai fix and get it at any time of day at the Acai Brothers. Just one of the reasons why we luurrrve these guys sick. And you can find them all over Sydney (double win). 
  22. For some reeeeeal good all day brekky and cute AF outdoor seating, head to Waverton’s Botanica Garden Cafe. Trust us. 
  23. Whether you’ve got a hankering for an acai sorbet bowl loaded with fresh fruit, or soft boiled eggs on rye with roast tomatoes, Ritual in Northbridge has got you sorted. The Gabriel coffee isn’t half bad either. 
  24. Big Tree House Cafe in St Mary’s has it all—from goats cheese on toast with honey and organic nuts to grilled asparagus, prosciutto with poached eggs. Can you hear that? Yeah, it’s feasting time. 

Here are our favourite CBD breakfasts.

Wolfe & Co. | Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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