The Best Comedy Nights In Sydney

By Jessica Best
23rd Jan 2018

If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly anywhere between a simple LOL to a full blown “HAHAHAHAAHA” (because everything in life is funny, obvs). So we’ve put together an epic list full of epic places to get your cackle on. Thank us later.

Here are the best comedy nights in Sydney!



You’ll never be stuck for a fun Friday antic again. You’ll find this super schmic, super fancy comedy lounge (kidding, there’s a white sheet for a backdrop) located inside Staves Brewery and good news, it’s only ten bucks to enter.

Giant Dwarf


Making people laugh since 2013 and (as you probs already know) this gem of a place was created by the Chaser team. And you’ll be pleased to know this mecca is still gloriously shabby and throws up top comedy acts on the reg.

Wolf Comedy


Yep, the last Thursday of every month should well and truly be spent at this legendary joint. You’ll find this beauty inside Knox Street Bar and we recommend at least four pairs of underwear (word on the street is you’ll laugh so hard you’ll wet your pants) #bettertobesafethansorry.

Crown Comedy


And when it’s free comedy, everything is effing hilarious. Head to The Louis Hotel for a 7:30pm start and just so you know, Happy Hour is from 5-7pm (which is no coincidence).

The Comedy Store

Fox Studios

These guys have literally showcased more international names than a Victoria Secret Show (don’t fact check us on that), so we can guarantee this bad boy will be worth your while. Depending on who’s performing, The Comedy Store could be open any day of the week so probably best you stay tuned on their social.

Cafe Lounge

Surry Hills

Because comedy is always THAT much better when you’re boozed up and it’s a Monday, right? You’ll find constant laughs running from Saturday through to that glorious first day of the week and heads up, people love this place so much they want to get married and buried here.

Coogee Bay Hotel


Yeah dudes, more free comedy (you’re welcome) for your Monday night. And we all know comedy by the beach is deffs an absolute cracker.

Enmore Theatre


You can find comedy at this classic joint every night other than Sunday (which is fine because we all know this day is reserved for reflecting on why the hell we thought tequila was a good idea, again).

Molotov Comedy


Two words: open mic. Yep, and we all know that’s the best type of LOLs around. The Two Wolves Cantina is where you want to be for student-friendly eats (think half dollar wings and a fiver for a beer) and straight up hilarious performances every Wednesday.

Eveleigh Hotel


The last Sunday of every month calls for free and funny AF comedy at The Eveleigh (plus you’ll want to jump onboard their Dungeness Crab pasta for dinner too). Relax, you’ll laugh off all the carbs later in the night anyway.

Newtown Hotel


Work your way up to the top floor of the hotel which is where you’ll ‘stumble’ across the iconic open mic comedy (which is locked into every Monday night). There’ll be around 8-10 comics plus a couple of feature spots for the pros.

The Harold Park Hotel


The Harold Park Hotel has been part of Sydney’s comedy scene since the 80s. Head down every Tuesday night to see why people have been coming since the dark ages to have a laugh and a chuckle at their live comedy show, ‘The Laugh Stand’. At the bargain price of $10 tickets on the door, together with two-for-one meal deals all night and $5 schooners, we know, you’re on your way.

Brass Monkey


Comedy hits the Brass Monkey around the first(ish) Wednesday of every month and we’ll have you know it’s curated and presented by the famous Sydney Comedy Store. We all know what that means, right? Hump Day antics are totally sorted.

Chippendale Hotel


Donned as one of the best places to watch comedy, The Chippo puts on quality stuff every Tuesday night without fail.

The Friend In Hand


Schedule in The Friend In Hand every Thursday at 8pm because this will no doubt become your go-to for a dose of comedians on the rise. From time to time, you’ll also find some seasoned pros blaring out epic one-liners and skits including Arj Barker, Ross Noble and Wil Anderson.

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Image credit: Bruno Cervera

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