Where To Get Your Claws On Sydney’s Best Crab

By Anna May
13th Jun 2017

God, isn’t crab delicious? Isn’t it just? And not just because it’s bloody tasty, but also because you get to wear bibs, get messy, use those silver cracking things, and make jokes about not actually ordering a bowl of lemon soup. There are few things in life as satisfying as sucking the juicy, tasty goodness out of a crab, or simply indulging in some sweet, sweet meat. 

Hungry? Course you are. Here’s where to get the best crab in Sydney. 

The Boathouse On Blackwattle Bay


Real talk: this place is the tits. If you’re looking for the perfect occasion dinner spot in Sydney, The Boathouse On Blackwattle Bay is your winner, winner, seafood dinner. Sydney legend states that the fish pie is the way to go here, and it’s not wrong, but it’s of equal (if not more) importance that you don a bib and get all up in their delicious fresh crab and watch the world go by on the water. Heaven. 

The Morrison Bar & Oyster Room


Chef Sean Connolly knows his seafood, and we all trust him, because The Morrison has been blessing us with consistently delicious seafood for many years now, and shows no signs of stopping. Once you’ve worked your way through the oyster library, you NEED to get your mouth and hands around the crab and lettuce tacos. Delicious, refreshing, and so pretty it hurts. Follow it up with a mouth-watering plate of their chilli crab linguine and you’ll never have to worry about feeling crabby again. Too much? Fair.

Sydney Fish Market 


The name says it all: this is a big, fat market literally swimming with fish (NB. the seafood puns will not stop, you have been warned), of all varieties. You have many options of crabby goodness here, from choosing a fresh, live crab and taking it home to cook, to tubs of the meaty goodness, or a full-on noodley crab experience from one of the many food vendors. I say do all of them. That is, eat a big lunch here, then head home with your crab and cook it up for dinner. 

Harry's Singapore Chilli Crab

Surry Hills

You know it, I know it, let’s just say it: Harry’s Singapore Chilli Crab is a friggin’ Sydney institution. Since opening its doors in 1982 (probably before I was even a tiny egg floating around in my Mum’s uterus), Harry’s has become a Sydney institution. It’s simple: choose your crab, choose your spice level, don your bib, get stuck in, and just be generally content with life. 


Woolloomooloo Wharf

Few places in Sydney are as romantic and atmospheric as Woolloomooloo Wharf. The twinkling lights or brilliant sunshine, the boats we all dream of stealing, and the array of restaurants. Namely Kingsleys Steak & Crabhouse, where plastic bibs with crab logos on them are a given, and you’re going to need at least four lemon water bowls, because things are a’gonna get mess-ay. You can go for some sweet Alaskan King Crab legs if that’s your style, or do the damn thing and get stuck into a Queensland mud crab with Singapore chilli sauce. Because that’s what life is about. 

Mr Wong


Oh, Dan Hong. Can everyone just pause for a minute and be glad that Dan Hong exists? What a man. A favourite among Sydneysiders, out-of-towners, and famously visited two nights in a row by Kim and Kanye themselves, this is one place that needs to live at the top of everyone’s restaurant list. Mud crab, fresh from the tank, is a must. MUST. And there are five mouth-watering, finger-licking sauces to choose between, so good luck with that insanely difficult decision, friend. 

House Of Crabs

Surry Hills

What’s not to love about a literal house full of delicious crustaceans, served by the bag, on white paper tablecloth things, alongside cold beer and (hopefully) some really good company? There are usually four different types of crab knocking around the menu at House Of Crabs if you’re into the whole Louisiana boil-style of things (you are, you just don’t know it yet), and six saucy sauces to choose between. Bibs mandatory. Even if you’re not eating crab, it’s just fun. Other hint: turn your volume down if you’re going to head to their website. Or don’t, but be prepared to jump out of your skin. 

Golden Century Seafood Restaurant


You know Golden Century. You know it because it’s wonderful, consistent, and has stood the test of time in a city as fickle as Sydney. You also know it because it is one of the greatest places to people-watch in the world. Enormous tables full of businessmen, a group of drunk girls fresh from karaoke at 3am, four guys in tracksuits having hushed conversations, and of course the post-work semi-celebrity chef that knows where the good eats are. Golden Century is the friggin’ bomb, so you can definitely trust them to give you some of the best crab of your whole damn life. Fact. Go on *slaps your bum* get over there!

Queen Chow


Another welcome addition to the Sydney dining scene this past year, Merivale’s Queen Chow has fast become a favourite among, well, everyone that likes really delicious Cantonese food served inside a pub in Enmore. Phew. As usual, it’s all market price, but since you’ve obviously made an occasion of this, it’s fine to splash out. There are three flavours, and we’re partial to the typhoon shelter, brimming with garlicky, soy beany goodness that is worth your breath smelling like Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s house for a week. But in a good way. In a really, really good way.

Rather Indian? Check this out.

Image credit: Queen Chow

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