11 Of The Best Hot Chocolates In Sydney

By Ange Law
6th Jul 2019

The quickest and tastiest way to warm up in winter is through your taste buds and belly. So with that in mind, we have done the hard yards and scoured Sydney for the tastiest, most heart-warming hot chocolates in town. 
On the menu are next level mugs of Milos, rose water hot chocolates and cups of the good stuff loaded with coconut.

Here are 11 of the best hot chocolates to sip this winter.

Ampersand Café


If you’ve ever fantasised about drinking a hot chocolate on the set of a Wes Anderson movie (and let’s face it who hasn’t?) then Ampersand Café Bookstore is about to make all your dreams come true. Ampersand’s hot chocolates are made using rich Lindt chocolate and like all good hot chocolates, come with marshmallows. Enjoy the hell out of this delicious hot chocolate while sitting in a plush, velvety chair nestled in a cosy corner among three levels of second-hand books. 

Café Hernandez 

Potts Point 

Sitting right on the edge of King’s Cross is a tiny slice of Spain. Back in the 70s, Joaquin Hernandez Snr, a Spanish coffee quality controller moved to Sydney and opened up a 24/7 café selling everything Spain does best. From tapas, coffee and churros to insanely rich, thick hot chocolates. This tiny joint is a Sydney institution and it really is open non-stop, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Daisy’s Milk Bar 


Daisy’s Milk Bar is the fresh new, Inner-West take on the old-school neighbourhood milk bar. With their bright and playful interiors, Daisy’s has all the aesthetics and playfulness of the coolest kid in primary school’s birthday party (and yes, they have fairy bread). Their hot chocolates follow the same all-fun, no-frills approach and in addition to a classic hot chocolate, Daisy’s will serve you up a killer hot Milo. 


Multiple Locations

Bill Granger just gets it. The man is a legend and his hot chocolates are no different. Hot chocolates at Bills come in a glass with a bunch of chocolate chips, slowly melting away at the bottom of the glass. And yep, that means all the more decadence for you to get into.

Rustic Pearl 

Surry Hills

What’s better than a delicious mug of hot chocolate? A bowl. A bowl of hot chocolate. And the best bowls of hot chocolate are at Rustic Pearl. The geniuses behind this Turkish café are performing hot chocolate wizardry, infusing their hot chocolates with a whole range of delicious flavours from rose water to citrus and orange blossom.

Paramount Coffee Project 

Surry Hills

While the coffee at Paramount Coffee is a major hit, the hot chocolates here are also making waves. Made from chocolate from Melbourne chocolate gods Hunted + Gathered, Paramount is fast becoming a Sydney favourite for hot chocolate fiends.

Bathers Pavilion


Not only does Bathers get props for the two mammoth size offerings being (being a small bowl or large bow)l but the actual decadence of their hot chocolates is unmatched. These guys are offering hot chocolates made with Callebaut dark chocolate melted over cream. Enough said. 


Multiple Locations  

When the Haikin family moved from Tel Aviv to Sydney, they brought the passion and the heart behind Israeli home cooking and turned it into Shenkin. Now an Inner-West staple, Shenkin can whip out a stellar hot chocolate. Their secret ingredient? Added coconut.

Koko Black


Make your way to The Strand for some serious calorific drinks. Hit the signature hot chocolate list where Koko’s classic treat is brewed for two hours for a deliciously smooth and velvety texture. You can also find a sling of Belgian hot chocs infused with chilli, cinnamon, orange or hazelnut.

Anna’s Shop Around The Corner


Renowned for her hot chocolates, Anna’s confectionary cups of heaven are the kind you’ll gladly ditch those abs for. This quaint bookstore/cafe churns out the smoothest hot chocolates around in porcelain cups so darn pretty you can tick-off kidulting off your list.

Cafe Con Leche

Surry Hills

The chocolate stuff at Cafe Con Leche is some of the best around and it may or may not be due to its Colombian influence. Heads up—they like a lil’ bit of cheese in their choc and we can confirm, it’s what our hot chocolates have been missing until now. 

Once you're done here, warm up at these pubs (they all have fireplaces). 

Image credit: Giancarlo Duarte.

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