Sydney’s Best Katsu Curries

By Jack Howes
22nd Aug 2016

Sashimi this, tepanyaki that. Everyone knows the best Japanese you can buy is a delicious Katsu curry (followed closely by a Katsu sando.) Seriously, I pretty much ate this stuff all day every day when I was over there - it might have turned me into a massive fatty, but zero regrets.

Katsu curry is, as the name suggests, Japanese curry with either tonkatsu (crumbed pork cutlet) or chicken katsu (the same, but with chicken instead of the obviously more delicious pork.) It is the ultimate, ultimate, comfort food.



Origami Cafe is awesome. Sure they do great takoyaki, and have even been known to whip up vegan gyoza for all you Godless heathens out there, but why would you mess around with that nonsense when you can get around an enormous katsu curry? There is genuinely no good reason that we can think of, and if you manage to fine one, we quite frankly don’t want to hear it.

Miso Japanese Restaurant


Tucked away in World Square, Miso is always worth the inevitable queue. While it’s probably best known for bento boxes, the curry is always an outstanding alternative. The tonkatsu is very probably the best in town, so if you’re having a hard time tossing up between the chicken and pork… Well, there’s only one winner here.

Sushi On Stanley


Now this is the one time we will always go the chicken. Sushi on Stanley continues to do what it’s always done, pump out good food at entirely reasonable prices - especially for Sydney! The curry is rich, the katsu crispy and perfectly delicious. We can’t ask for much more than that. 

Kura At Haymarket


A tiny little place tucked away in Chinatown, Kura serves up cheap and cheerful Japanese at an excellent price. Pick up the katsu curry, and for an extra $3 you can add salmon sashimi, a seaweed salad, or agedashi tofu. It’s the perfect place to swing by and treat yourself to a quick workday or weekend lunch.

Ichiban Boshi


Ichiban has a natural advantage in being located next to one of Sydney’s very best bookstores, Kinokuniya, but what also helps is that they make some damn fine katsu curry. It’s worth keeping in mind that this is a cash only place, just so you don’t get caught out like some other kids we could name. 


Neutral Bay

Tamageta-Ya, does as good a job as any place in this city of delivering consistently cheap, delicious, food. The katsu is crispy on the outside, and moist on the inside. The curry is dark and rich, without ever being overwhelming. 



If you thought we was bored talking about curry, think again. Sakuratei is another place where you can choose between pork and chicken, and it’s pretty much a toss up. They’re both delicious, so so do as you please. You can expect a nice, mild curry, with just a little bit of spice - which if we’re being honest is sometimes all you’re after. 

Still hungry? If you're someone who loves eating you'll love this.

Image credit: Kton

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