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The Definitive Guide To Sydney’s Best Salads

By Sarah Hilton
12th Sep 2018

Romaine calm people! I know, I know a salad that won’t leave you daydreaming about sinking your teeth into a big fat juicy burger? Stop the madness! But the salad game is changing. Gone are the days of sad wilted greens and lacklustre dressings – Sydney’s gone green Listers and we’ve rounded up the salads in Sydney that’ll actually keep your hangry-selves at bay. 

Here’s your definitive guide to Sydney’s best salads.


Darlinghurst, Bondi, The Galeries, Manly & Surry Hills

Quality produce, quality protein and quality gooooood eats. Yep our good ol’friends at Fishbowl always provide the yums so we simply can’t leave it off this list. We suggest hitting up their ghost bowl with sesame poached chicken, shallots, pink radish, shredded carrot and beets with spicy shoyu dressing, wasabi mayo drizzle and crispy shallots. It speaks for itself really.

Banana Blossom

Manly, Bondi, Chatswood, Brookevale & Mona Vale

Banana Blossom is the queen of on-the-go salads on the North side (and now even the East). If you’ve never tried their salads then it’s time to emerge from that rock you’ve been hiding and park up a permanent spot outside their stores. Their Tokyo Classic is a solid go but another star includes the Buddha’s Delight. For tofu-lovers this one is a dream with crispy egg noodles, pineapple, green papaya, nashi pear, cashews and sweet tamarind dressing…oh and tofu of course. 

Nudefish Poke

North Sydney

It’s hard to deny that everything tastes better when you’re in the nude—NudeFish in North Sydney that is (but we’ll forgive you for thinking we meant otherwise). You can, of course, build your own bowl like all good poke places but if you’re in the mood to go spontaneously nude(fish) then try their spicy citrus tuna bowl with spicy citrus mayo, pickled ginger, snow pea sprouts, seaweed salad, radish, tobiko and crispyyyy onion.

Momo Bar


Momo Bar is doing the salad life right because their epic poke bowl menu shows that it is the year of poke salads. Order up the Tiki Bowl which will give you your own choice of protein plus seaweed salad, avocado, carrot, radish, green shallots, shredded nori with crunchy coconut chips. The sauce is in your court with a choice of roasted sesame or wasabi mayo perfectly matched with the salty sea backdrop that is Manly Beach.

Bruce Leaves


Whether it’s a play on Bruce Lee or you have a friend called Bruce who always leaves, this salad shop just works so get there ASAP. Peeling back the over the top salad trend, Bruce Leaves in Alexandria focuses on providing local produce and an artisanal approach to creating their yummy salads. Please for the love of all that is tasty in this world try their insane in the grain salad. With this one good ol’Brucey brings you grains and seeds, grilled zucchini, haloumi, spring onion, fresh lemon, parsley, mint and broccoli roasted chickpeas.

The Greenhouse Asian Salads

Lane Cove

With an ultra-convenient location in central Lane Cove and generous opening hours, The Greenhouse Asian Salads has got you covered. Whether you’re dipping out on your lunch break, fuelling up to study in LC library or wanting a chill guilt-free night out, these salads are beyond yum. Their Green House Number 1 Salad is their classic for a reason with a choice of chicken or tofu with green tea noodle, avocado, cucumber, carrot, red radish, cherry tomato, onions, cashews and a coconut black sesame dressing. It also comes with mixed leaves, wombok, coriander and mint so you will walk away full as anything.

The Shop


The Shop Bondi shows their salad skills by specialising in a variety of creative dishes. In true Italian style, why not ruin the healthiness of your salad but packing it with cheese? We agree, so give their Italian beef meatball salad with melted cheddar, seasonal vegetables, avocado and toasted hazelnuts a run for its money. If you’re looking to stick to the regime for a night then we also suggest the nourish bowl with cauliflower rice, boiled egg, carrot, kale, peas, avocado, pickled ginger and toasted sesame seeds—your waistline AND tastebuds will thanks us.

BomBom Salad


BomBom Salad is one of the newest additions to Mosman’s upper class health food community that will make you feel like an uber MILF. But seriously, this little gem provides some phenomenal eats. Try the Salmon Flower Salad with fresh salmon, ponzu balsamic soy, fish roe, leaf, mint, coriander, pear, bean sprout, papaya, carrot, cucumber and GT noodle—there’s even the option to grill your salmon and add teriyaki sauce. BTW there’s a crepe place a few doors down if you’re craving dessert but your inner MILF will probably say the salad is enough.

Two Sis


Salad for breakfast, say whaaaat? Yep, that’s right Two Sis serves up the perfect salad to kick start your day of health and wellness (or maybe you just love a good ol’ salad). Try their turmeric chicken salad with charred corn, snow pea, purple cabbage, coriander and wafu dressing and say hello to a day packed with punch. Warning: you may experience jealousy from all your co-workers regretting their toast and coffee breakfast—we can’t help if we’re fabulous.

Cali Press


Following with the interpretative salads, we present this ‘fruit salad’ bowl venue—that definitely counts right? Cali Press focuses on providing raw and organic wholefoods that puts the super in superfoods. Start off your day right with their de coco brekky bowl with cacao buckinis, coconut yoghurt, coconut chia and toppings of banana, strawberry, blueberry, peanut butter and almonds— there are no greens in this one but it’s just as good for you.

Salad Bar


At Salad Bar you find the perfect fusion of casual dining, convenience and quality salads—what more could you want? For those looking for something on the go this place is exactly what you’ve been searching for.  Try their octopus salad with mixed leaves, tomato, cucumber, onion, olives, feta and balsamic dressing for something a bit different but a whole lot good.

After your healthy feed, you should probably hit up one of these scenic walks.

Image credit: Caitlin Hicks | Momo Bar

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