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By Emma McNamara
19th Jul 2017


If hard currency was sushi, we think the world would be a better and yummier place. After all, in our books, sushi is pretty much what makes the world go around. Like Ross aptly demonstrated in Friends, unagi is the state of total awareness. Therefore, we’re channelling our inner Rachel Green and asking for a salmon skin roll. Actually, make it two, thanks.

If you feel even remotely the same (of course you do) then keep on reading to see our choice of Sydney’s best sushi trains. Next stop, sushi town!

Sushi Rio 

Sydney CBD

Sushi Rio is awesome when you’re after a cheap eat that doesn’t skimp on atmosphere or flavour. At mostly $3.50 a plate you can fill up your tum whilst you watch the skilled sushi chefs prepare your fresh rolls right before your eyes. Whilst sashimi is slightly more expensive than the sushi, the fish is very fresh and delicious. 


Sydney CBD

With its cool music and interesting decor, Rokujuni is a delicious spot to stop for a bite of sushi. Mouthwatering, fresh and highly affordable, we couldn’t ask for more in a perfectly formed sushi. When you want to expand your order to include a tad more than nigiri and rolls, order the teriyaki chicken and salmon. You might need to expand your belt a notch to fit it all in, but it’ll be well worth it! 

Sushi Fusion


Funky music, clean lines, light on the wallet with delicious arrays of non-stop freshly rolled sushi rotating around a sushi train – this could be heaven. The karaage is a delicious, naughty treat whilst the salmon or tuna and avo rolls leave us asking for more. We love a bit of miso (it’s free too!) and cannot get enough of the scallop aburi with teriyaki sauce nigiri. If you’re adventurous, keep a look out for the slightly more authentic rolls, like unatama (grilled eel with omelette) and raw cuttlefish. 

Sushi Goi


To put it simply, the gods must have blessed Sydney’s eastern suburb of Coogee. Sushi Goi offers incredibly fresh sashimi and sushi on their regularly stocked sushi train or tailor-made to your order. This local’s favourite also has a VIP club, just send them your details and nab 10% off. Crowd pleasers include the prawn tempura sushi, the lightly torched scallop sushi with teriyaki sauce and the super fresh salmon sashimi. This is heaven and a full tummy for your spare change. 

Rainbow Sushi 

Mona Vale

If you’re up around Northern Sydney, boy, do we have a treat for you! For a simple but satisfying sushi fix, we recommend hitting up Rainbow Sushi. With all the usual suspects in tow, like chicken and beef teriyaki, fresh nigiri and a bunch of futomaki (inside out sushi) you’ll be feeling happy. The rainbow specials such as, crumbed prawn and salmon avocado as well as the udon noodles and tempura leave us in a happy, but satisfying food coma. 



Makoto means sincerely and from the heart, and this is exactly how they’ll treat you. Whilst the service is excellent, the food is still made traditionally and by hand, no machines to mix rice and sauces here, people. The attention to detail is impressive, fish is cut to perfection and the balance of fine garnishes is the icing on the cake. With salmon belly, dragon and California rolls readily available, all our favourites are ticked off, but the mixed tempura and a variety of udon bowls are also lip smackin’ good.  

Sosumi Sushi Train


Focused on the traditional methods of sushi making, you cannot go wrong with a meal at Sosumi Sushi Train in Sydney’s CBD. These guys have educated us on the art of sushi and we’re here to share the results. Experts in Edomae sushi; originating from Tokyo consisting of select cuts of fresh fish on seasoned rice, as well as Kansai style sushi from Osaka combining various ingredients rolled into seasoned rice, you’ll be treated to the best of the best at a reasonable price. Tuck into some sashimi and tempura as well and you’ll leave both full and a little bit more educated on the art form that is sushi.

Sushi Tei

Sydney CBD

With over 20 years as a successful Japanese dining restaurant, Sushi Tei is considered an expert in our eyes when it comes to their sushi skill factor. Combining the best of the Japanese cuisine with their innate understanding of local tastes, Sushi Tei has forged their own identity and reputation within this highly competitive market. With fresh, seasonal and scrumptious fare like agedashi tofu, pork gyoza, fresh sashimi, salmon shioyaki and seared scallop with house special miso sauce sushi you cannot go wrong. The menu is a constantly changing with the fish harvesting seasons, to this one is kind of a lucky dip. 

Sushi Train


Sushi Train on Newtown’s King Street has an extensive menu offering up all of our sushi favourites. They’ve got it all, from the usual suspects like salmon or teriyaki chicken and avocado rolls to the more unique, such as our favourite dynamite roll (raw tuna, crunchy tempura, cucumber and chilli) and the chilli wagyu beef roll. The hand rolls are ace as you can order up whatever storm you’re feeling for and it won’t break the bank. 

Sushi Hotaru


Nestled in The Galleries in the CBD, Sushi Hotaru is a favourite amongst those in the know. With offerings like spicy grilled salmon, grilled scallop sushi, fried salmon skin rolls and wagyu beef handrolls we’re always left licking our lips and wanting more. The chefs are a friendly bunch, always very welcoming and accommodating to tailor-make your order. This is a great spot for a quick lunch or dinner.

Umi Kaiten-Zushi

CBD & Haymarket 

Conveniently located on Pitt Street, Haymarket, this sushi spot is known for its deliciousness and its light on the wallet price tag – this means we can try it all! There are fresh spring rolls, salmon spider maki, lots of fresh sashimi options and even brown rice sushi, which is healthy and delicious. With a constantly revolving list of specials to accommodate the changes in season, you can always try something new at Umi Kaiten-Zushi.

Ozeki Sushi


Having expanded from Chatswood onto a second branch in Hurstville, Ozeki Sushi is clearly onto something. Consistently busy, the buzzing sushi train offers a broad range of ready-to-eat and made-to-order dishes, making it an ideal stop off for both a quick bite on the go or a long, casual lunch. What really makes Ozeki stand out from the crowd though are their enormous party platters, piled high with fresh sashimi, chunky rolls and mouth-watering nigiri, perfect for bringing the sushi train experience to the comfort of your home or office.

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Sosumi Sushi Train | Image credit: Claudia Shmueli

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