Teppan-yummy | Where To Find Sydney’s Best Teppanyaki

By Sophia Richardson
9th Mar 2018

sydney's best teppanyaki

If catching whole eggs in tiny bowls at teppanyaki (literally impossible) was a big part of your childhood, then listen up. We think it’s time to revisit the much-loved Japanese style of cooking at one of these ultra-flavoursome and pumpin’ teppanyaki joints.

Here are the best spots for Teppanyaki in Sydney.

Fujiya Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant


There’s certainly no need for all that glitz and glamour when the food is consistently amazing at this local teppanyaki hotspot in Gordon. We’d opt for the set menu at $55 a head, with duck breast and special sauce, scallops and the classic, the unbeatable—teppan fried rice.

Hisshou Teppanyaki


An oldie but a goodie, Hisshou Teppanyaki have a chef at every table, meaning a whole lotta egg catching coming your way. Your dinner is going to be like 50% eating and 50% gawking at the super skilled teppanyaki chefs chop, fry and throw food across the iron hot plate.

HaNa Ju-Rin

Crows Nest

Think luxe teppanyaki and you’ve got HaNa Ju-Rin. For dinner, you can score some teppanyaki Wagyu striploin, scallops and prawns or grilled pork with kimchi (or opt for all three, duh), and be sure to order their teppan fried noodles cause c’mon, that pork yakisoba isn’t going to eat itself.

I Chi Ban Teppanyaki


If a packed restaurant means a good restaurant, then I Chi Ban Teppanyaki is your next teppanyaki go-to. We tend to opt for the supreme $58 banquet, where you’ll leave totally stuffed (in the best way possible) after downing some misoyaki steak, king prawns and sashimi. You guys know we enjoy our drinks and the beer and wine list at I Chi Ban Teppanyaki does not disappoint, you can trust us on this one.

Jugemu & Shimbashi

Neutral Bay

This might just be THE place to come for all Japanese everything, specialising in not one but two Japanese cooking styles and cuisines. In the modern and cool space of jugemu, you’ll find the hot plate grilling of teppanyaki and their famous okonomiyaki—a savory pancake with cabbage, pork, beef or seafood (droooooool). For handmade noodles, sashimi and tempura, head to the shimbashi part of the restaurant, with some floor tables and chilled vibes it’s mega cute.

Okori Teppanyaki


With 6 teppanyaki sets to choose from, your fussiest of friends will be satisfied at this Japanese joint out west. This cosy Japanese hangout uses prime cuts of meat and seasonal veggies which makes their teppanyaki off the chain and we seriously can’t get enough of it.

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Image credit: Stocksy

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