The 10 Best Takeaway Restaurants in Sydney (And They Aren’t What You Think)

By Anna May
23rd Sep 2015


Be honest: how many times have you got excited by the promise of a delicious take away, only to be let down by a soggy pizza, a greasy Chinese, or a dry burger and cold fries? It’s time to fight back! Dammit Sydney, with so many knock-your-socks off restaurants in our fair city, it’s simply unacceptable to sit on your couch in your PJs, watching trashy TV and not enjoy some quality food. 

Enter Suppertime. The Sydney delivery service that is saying ‘hell no’ to soggy garlic bread and ‘hell yes’ to crunchy fried chicken, delicious banh mi, and more. Hell, they’ll sort you out an entire Peking duck if that’s what you want. 

Since launching late last year, Suppertime has added over 100 of the best restaurants in Sydney to its arsenal. To put it frankly, Suppertime is changing the face of home delivery in Sydney, and damn right you should be excited. 

Here are our picks of the ten best on offer. And it wasn’t an easy decision.

#1 Golden Century

Sydney CBD

Please make a note in your diary that today is a very special day, because today is the day you learnt that you’ll never have to settle for questionable, soggy chow mein and gluggy rice from your local take-out ever again. That’s right, Golden Century, one of the best Chinese restaurants in Sydney and go-to spot for celebrity chefs after a night behind the pans, can be delivered to your door. This is great for an incredibly large number of reasons, one of which being you can put on your PJs, tie your hair in a top knot (or man bun) and order a whole Peking duck with pancakes, or perhaps even a braised abalone with Chinese mushrooms. Of course, there are all of your favourite Cantonese specialties if you want to kick it old school: the Mongolian beef and pork fillet with plum sauce are excellent. So… What are you waiting for?!

See if Golden Century delivers to you.

#2 Mamak

Sydney CBD

Another piece of really good news here: you (may) never have to line up for Mamak’s deliciously crispy yet fluffy roti canai again. No more waiting in the cold for you! And because obviously you’ll need some satay beef or chicken with your roti, you can add a dozen or 1/2 dozen in to your order. And because it’s easy on the bank account, you can get a few mains in there as well: the kari kambing, a spicy, slow-cooked, fall-off-the-bone lamb shoulder curry, is an excellent place to start. Of course, you can dabble in the classic nasi goreng as well. There’s no wrong way to tackle Mamak on Suppertime. If the sweet roti is calling your name, you can be assured the roti pasang with freshly sliced bananas is just the ticket after your Malaysian feast.

See if Mamak delivers to you.

#3 Mr Crackles


I know it would be incredibly cruel to joke with you about this, so please rest assured I am not even remotely joking. You read that correctly: Sydney pork belly kings Mr Crackles now offer delivery through Suppertime. Yes, it’s okay to cry. But when you’ve finished, you can jump on to Suppertime and order as many rolls as your stomach and wallet will allow. Just picture it: it’s been a long day (or big night) and all you want in the world is a Crackles classic manwich with a side of sticky BBQ pork fries and a cup of crackling… And it’s just the click of (a few) buttons away. The future is here, people! 

See if Mr Crackles delivers to you.

#4 Ume

Surry Hills

How many times have you ordered Japanese delivery, only to be sorely disappointed when a measly-portioned serve of sushi and teriyaki chicken enters your house? Please welcome the end of your disappointment, because Sydney seasonal Japanese restaurant Ume is at your service thanks to Suppertime. Think warm edamame with Murray River salt, a charred lamb shoulder with black garlic wasabi pea sauce, fried nori and pea shoot, or perhaps their famous shio koji karaage fried chicken with house-made Japanese mayonnaise. There’s really no wrong dish to order at Ume, especially if you love a Japanese dessert; the kabocha rice pudding with vanilla pumpkin, candied apple, honeycomb and pumpkin snow will make you question everything you ever thought you knew about pumpkin. And you don’t even have to leave the couch. 

See if Ume delivers to you.

#5 Johnny Lobster

Crows Nest

Oh yes, delicious lobster on your doorstep while you get comfy in your trackies and bunny slippers. Based in Crows Nest, Johnny Lobster is your casual fish and chip shop with a modern twist, and skilfully run by a bunch of legends. Sure, they serve lobster, but they keep it chill with classic lobster rolls, creamy seafood chowder, and thrice cooked, hand cut chips that are earth shatteringly crunchy and nothing short of a pleasure to eat and not share. Of course, if you wanted to go a lighter route, there are a few grilled fish options to sink your teeth into: namely the grilled lobster tails with chermoula butter, grain salad, and a yoghurt dressing. It’s lobster for the people, people. 

See if Johnny Lobster delivers to you.

#6 Chur Burger

Surry Hills

Remember the days when getting half-decent take away meant flipping a coin, jumping in the car in your flannelette PJs and racing into the venue before anyone recognised you? Don’t even let that thought cross your mind, because Suppertime are letting you chow down on the delicious burgers at Chur without having to lift your car keys or put on pants (maybe do the latter, though). Why not have a big ol’ burger party with Chur as your grub of choice? As you (should) well know, they make one of the best pulled pork burgers in Sydney while the marinated grilled chicken with hot sauce mayo and minted slaw will make you feel all the things. Of course, the grilled beef needs no explanation: just dig in and don’t think twice. Wrap it up with a serve of potato fries, chips with chilli salt, and a few milkshakes (Milo or salted caramel all the way) and you’ll have thrown the best dinner party ever.

See if Chur Burger delivers to you.

#7 Fat Rupert’s

Bondi Beach 

Ohhh crunchy fried chicken, how your crisp shell and hot, juicy interior takes all of the world’s troubles away in a matter of minutes. Of course, when it’s fried chicken by Bondi American joint Fat Rupert’s, made with Pepe Saya buttermilk and served with cabbage slaw and honey butter, things tend to get a little more heated. Suppertime are bringing this deliciousness to your door so you never have to feel ashamed about licking your plate in public again. Grab Rupert’s famous reuben at the same time, and maybe a Yeezy burger or three to make it a meal. Good times, ahoy! 

See if Fat Rupert’s delivers to you.

#8 Aki’s


Ever ordered butter chicken and wondered how long it had been sitting in the pan before making its way to you? Wonder no more, because classic Sydney Indian restaurant Aki’s has teamed up with Suppertime to bring you only the finest, freshest and most delicious Indian take away in town. The crab with iddiappam, with blue swimmer crab and a coconut broth is a hearty way to settle into an evening on the couch, or perhaps you’d like the Namakeen squid, lightly fried and served with a ginger dipping sauce. You’ll also find variations of your favourite Indian classics here, like Goan beef ambotik, a take on the classic vindaloo. There are plenty of things to try here, so you might just find yourself a new local. 

See if Aki’s delivers to you.

#9 Great Aunty Three

Enmore & Surry Hills

Oh, pho. You delicious, soul-satisfying bowl of goodness, you. Whenever you’re looking for a healthy take-away option, Enmore Vietnamese restaurant Great Aunty Three in Surry Hills and Enmore is an excellent place to go, and of course Suppertime makes it that much easier by delivering at lunch time. If you want to branch out, the roast duck rice paper rolls will put a smile on your dial no matter what. If you’re feeling more carby, you can always dabble in one of their gourmet banh mi. And they really mean gourmet: you have the choice between the mouth-watering caramelised pork belly that has been slow cooked in coconut juice, the roast duck and watercress, a seafood, crab, prawn and barramundi roll, and plenty more. So… What are you waiting for? Your lunch awaits!

See if Great Aunty Three delivers to you.

#10 il baretto

Surry Hills

Let’s jump right in here: how does pappardelle with duck ragu sound? Or maybe an incredible, pillow soft homemade gnocchi… Even a classic spaghetti Bolognese? I can practically hear your drooling. Suppertime is bringing Surry Hills Italian restaurant il baretto (and all of its delicious dishes) right to your door. Of course, you could always grab the beef carpaccio and some Sicilian olives to accompany your Italian feast as well as a tiramisu for good measure. Don’t judge, you know what they say about over-ordering take away…

See if il baretto delivers to you.

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Image credit: Suppertime

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