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By Zo Zhou
29th Jul 2015

Every month, one member of The Urban List team will be sharing what they are currently obsessing over—and surprise! It’s not just food.

This month Zo Zhou, one of our Sydney Communications Executives shares what she’s lusting after. From a luscious silk tee to leather camera-ware, here’s what’s testing her restraint right now.

Enamel Copper Bangle (Opal) by Melanie Rice 

As someone who is obsessed with iridescent things (watch out ducks!) and rustic jewellery, this bangle from Melanie Rice shone through my screen and spoke to me. Did I also mention I love rose gold/copper? Seriously, it’s like this was designed FOR ME (except maybe for the handle with care part).

Dr Bronner’s Cherry Blossom Liquid Castile Soap 

Perfect for a crazy shower-time read and fruity floral scent. As one of those annoying sensitive skin people, this is a godsend, especially since you can use it for cleaning too.

Rachel Rose Canvas Print Tee

These dreamy watercolour silk prints have had me captivated for years, wishing I was arty enough to wear them.


Surprise guest? I’d like to look effortlessly put together even if I hypothetically just rolled out of bed. Fortunately this hasn’t happened, but it always pays to be prepared.

Handmade Hipster Camera Straps from Draught 

Sadly I do not own a beautiful old-school looking camera, but if I did, it would dangle around my neck with this pretty leather strap.

Private Infinity Pool Getaway 

While we’re in dreaming mode, I’d quite like to while away an hour or two at Pretty Beach House, after a stroll through Bouddi National Park and a massage amongst the trees. 

Harlequin Blue Rug

Hello colour. I love any home adornments that double up as little pieces of art (mainly because I’m too lazy to shop for art, or find suitable hooks for them).

Moon macadamias 

If these were in a chocolate gift box, they would be the first to go, because they are crunchy-creamy praline chocolate coated macadamias. Also, they’re pretty much exclusively available at health food stores, which I find highly convenient for my conscience. Last spotted at Naked, The Source and The Farm.

Sweet Syrupy Goodness from Six Barrel Soda Co 

These guys make real vanilla creaming soda in a bottle that I am sooo keeping around after. Can they please bring back feijoa too please?!

The Third Plate by Dan Barber 

Michael Pollan has some serious competition! Dan Barber doesn’t just take you from the farm to the plate, but from seed to tastebud. Plus you meet some of the best food characters along the way (and they are all real people!).

Nuts about handmade treasures and bubbly good times as much as Zo is? Drop her a line about your finds here.

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