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By Sophia Fukunishi
30th Sep 2015

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Every month, one member of The Urban List team will be sharing what they are currently obsessing over—and surprise! It’s not just food.

This month Sophia Fukunishi, our Sydney Editor shares what’s on her radar: From sneakers to sunnies and fluorescent nails, these are Sophia’s needs/wants/loves right now.

Ray Ban round metal sunglasses with orange flash polarised lenses

These sunnies basically scream “LOOK AT MY DAMN FACE” and I love it. They’re classic in shape and the bright orange lenses are like a party on my face. The polarised lenses also reduce glare which help to stop me squinting, which we all know is bad for ze wrinkes.

Super bright gel manicures from The Nail Lab

I’ve tried the dark nail polish thing, but it just doesn’t look good on me. With my dark hair and light skin, I have a tendency to look borderline goth, which isn’t a look I’m typically going for. I love going to The Nail Lab in Darlinghurst for a proper manicure and pedicure. The girls here really look after you and are good at helping you make a decision on what colour to get (which is great because I am THE WORST at choosing a nail colour). This month I’m sporting a fluoro coral with a gold sparkly feature nail—which may sound gross but it’s actually amazing and I can’t stop looking at them.

Fallen Broken Street Little Indian Hat

My friends laugh at me because I have a head that’s usually too small for hats, which is a shame because I love the idea of wearing a hat. I was pretty thrilled when I wandered into Somedays in Surry Hills and found a hat that fit my pin head… and it looked good too! Needless to say I purchased it straight away and lovingly refer to it as my “wine country hat” because it looks so weekend getawayish.

Bodypass subscription

I’m one of those people who enjoy exercising (which is a good thing considering how much I eat). But I’m also one of those people who get so bored at the gym or just sticking to one kind of thing for long. That’s why I was super excited when Bodypass came along—for $99 a month, I can go to a heap of different studios around Sydney as much as I want. I’ve done all sorts of interesting things including aerial yoga, barre, TRX, and Physicore. My partner can’t keep up with the crazy classes I go to so just makes them up, “so are you going to extreme aerial bootcamp tonight?” Yes, yes I am.

Adidas ZX Flux sneakers

I know people pay out those who wear activewear when they aren’t actually working out but I say if you’re super comfortable, then go for it. I’m fortunate enough to work somewhere that allows sneakers, which is a huge pro for me. I used to be a Nike girl, but somewhere down the line Adidas lifted their game and now my favourite sneakers are these Adidas ZX Flux—they’re sort of black, so I can wear them with most outfits and if I forget my sneakers for extreme aerial bootcamp (see above), it’s not an issue. Sneakers FTW! 

SMEG stand mixer

I’m happy to say that I’m the proud owner of a Smeg stand mixer! It’s been on my wishlist for years and now it’s miiiine! Okay, so I’ve had it for a few weeks and it remains untouched, but I have big plans for this bad boy. Pasta? Pizza dough? Ice cream? Yep, I’m doing it. Watch this space.

Frank Body creamy face scrub

I pretty much love everything Frank Body do. From their body scrub (even though it leaves a huge mess in my shower—am I doing it wrong?!) and body moisturiser to their cute and sassy packaging, this brand is one of my faves. Right now I’m particularly obsessed with their facial scrub which leaves my face feeling super smooth and clean. 

Friday Night Lights on Netflix

On the nights when I’m at home, I love descending deep into a Netflix hole. My latest obsession has been watching Tim Riggins Friday Night Lights. Coach Taylor and the gang have won my heart and actually taught me a little about American football too. Texas forever.

Tom Ford Gold Pumps with lock

So I’m getting married in a few months (cue excitement and panic), and while there are LOTS of things to organise and decide on, choosing my wedding shoes was so damn easy. As soon as I saw these gold Tom Ford pumps, I knew they had to be mine. Truth be told, I’m a bit nervous about all-day comfort but when they look this good, who cares? Right?! *looks a little panicked*

Aveda Invati scalp revitaliser

Alas, having beautifully thick hair wasn’t blessed upon me AND I’m a notorious moulter. Since using Aveda Invati, I’ve noticed that there is WAY less hair on the bathroom floor which leads me to believe it’s still attached to my head. Plus my hair feels thicker and even my ponytail looks less pathetic. Even though it costs a pretty penny, it’s worth it in my books.

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