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By Anna May
25th Nov 2015

Every month, one member of The Urban List team will be sharing what they are currently obsessing over—and surprise! It’s not just food.

This month Anna May, one of our Sydney Senior Content Marketing Executive, shares what’s on her radar. From the perfect lipstick to Italian food and burning it off at Pilates, this is what’s on Anna’s radar this month. 

MAC Rebel Lipstick

Nothing puts a spring in my step more than a great lippy colour, especially when I’m feeling a little blah before heading out. I realise Rebel is indeed a cult classic, but nothing has made me more excited since I got my Harry Potter wand that controls the TV (you heard me). This is the perfect berry lipstick and you should all go out and buy it… Now.

Reid Cycles

Fun fact: I never learned how to ride a bike. [pauses to answer all of the appropriate questions… No, never. Yes, I had training wheels. Yes, it has got me into a few tricky situations] But this one from Reid Cycles is tempting me to give it a go so I can cruise down the street with my Champagne-coloured bike and put freshly-picked flowers and organic zucchinis in my basket while humming Disney songs to myself… Wait, what?

Karen Walker Deep Freeze Sunnies

This is my third pair. Am I sorry? Nup. The first two were stolen, but I’m never letting these puppies out of my sight (unless they're on my head and I think I've lost them. Happens more than I care to admit). They fit like a dream and make me feel a touch worthier to walk around Bondi. I’ve lived there for a year and still don’t feel cool enough. 

The Farm Byron Bay

As if Byron could get any better, The Farm set up shop this year and officially made it my favourite place in the world. It’s by the guys behind Three Blue Ducks, so the food and cocktails are spectacular, plus they have animals roaming around, and an incredible produce store to empty your bank account. I went twice in two days, and would have gone for the trifecta if time had been on my side. 

Kit and Ace Sullivan Dress

I’ve found it… The perfect black dress. This number from Kit and Ace It’s beach appropriate, can be jazzed up for a special occasion with some heels, and it fits like a glove. Also, it’s made with their special technical cashmere, so you can chuck it in the washer and dryer without ruining it. Score!

Blissful Basil

The kitchen is my happy place. After a long day or week, all I want to do is chop veggies, make delicious dressings and make my housemates try everything while I watch them like a dog under the dinner table. Blissful Basil is my go-to food blog. It's chock-full of delicious plant-based recipes (for when I’ve had a meaty week) and the dishes impress even the staunchest of carnivores. 

Tan Temple

Summer is almost here, guys, and I am whiter than Casper himself but afraid of the damage from the scorching sun. Enter Tan Temple, officially the best spray tanning salon in Australia. It smells delicious, it’s super quick, and you can shower after two hours (no brown sheets here!) plus the team are super friendly, I always feel amazing after being bronzed by them, and people always think my tan is real [insert evil smile emoji].

A Tavola

Finding a local restaurant that ticks every box is like digging up a diamond. A Tavola is the best: delicious food (best octopus I’ve ever eaten), great service, and the vibe is that awesome balance between casual meal and cheeky wine on a weeknight, or four-course special occasion meal. You can find them in Bondi and Darlinghurst… Thank me later. 

KX Pilates

As you can imagine, I really enjoy food. All kinds, preferably covered in cheese. But this has consequences of the too-tight-jeans kind, which is where KX Pilates comes in. It’s pretty much the only form of exercise that makes me leap out of bed at 6am. Plus the teachers are awesome, the music is great, and I feel super smug for the rest of the day. 

Tiny Beautiful Things

If there is a book that brings more feels than this, I’m not sure I want to know about it. Cheryl Strayed (author of Wild and all around badass) answers letters in an agony aunt-style. It has made me laugh, cry, and want to call my Mum all at the same time. I plan to keep it forever and give it to my future goldfish children when they need advice. 

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