The Ultimate Guide To Darlinghurst

By Sophia Richardson
1st Mar 2018


Darlinghurst is calling yelling your name. With everything from restaurants that have been there for 50 years (but hey, who’s counting?) to whisky bars that popped up last month, Darlinghurst is (as the children say) hip happenin’ right now.

Here is the complete, total and ultimate guide to Darlinghurst and we hope you’re hungry fam (a whole lot of eating and drinking needs to happen) because this list is damn delicious.

The Best Restaurants In Darlinghurst

1. If you’ve not had the cacio e pepe pasta from Buffalo Dining Club served in a freaking wheel of pecorino cheese, you haven’t lived.
2. No need to fly to India when you can get spicy, creamy and super delicious Indian food from the Indian fusion restaurant, Brick Lane.  
3. A Tavola is known for their house-made pasta and mighty fine flavours so you can totally head here for your next carb coma. 
4. Sip on some sake and chow down on some sashimi bimbimbam at Zushi
5. Remain clam. Johnny Fontane’s does Chicago deep dish pizzas. We repeat, deep dish pizzas. 
6. If the words Chinese banquet make your mouth instantly water/drool (guilty), then you really have to check out Madame Shanghai
7. There’s no spaghetti bolognaise at Sagra, only squid ink chittara, ocean trout carpaccio and smoked eggplant cannelloni. Italian with a side of fancy. 
8. From the guys at Buffalo Dining Club comes Johnny Fishbone, the wine bar and Spanish style tapas that is heaven for all seafood enthusiasts. 
9. Freshly made farfalle pasta with smoked almond, celery leaf, pesto and confit tomatoes will only set you back $20 at 169 Darlinghurst—order 3, we don’t judge. 
10. When the word Darlinghurst is spoken, you should instantly think Bill & Toni’s. It’s illegal not to. 
11. Soooo Aperol spritz on tap is a thing here and it’s only one of the reasons why Casoni is one of our fave Italian restaurants. 


12. Find Dumplings and Beer on Stanley Street and have all your prayers answered. Our pick would be the steamed scallop and prawn dumplings with a Belgian Pils—a combo that’s damn delicious. 
13. Bar Reggio has been around for yonks and it’s safe to say they do real Italian, real good. 
14. Lucky Suzie is hands down some of the tastiest Malaysian food around. Fact. 
15. A totally vegan Thai restaurant called Kindness Café exists and it might just be the best thing ever. 
16. Go dumpling crazy at Johnny Wong’s Dumpling Bar because why not? 
17. Chaco Bar is your one stop shop for Japanese yakitori and if you don’t order the house-smoked salmon, you’re damn crazy. 
18. The Commons has everything you could ever want and more. Using only locally sourced ingredients, you know you’re in for a good feed. 
19. Got a burger shaped hole in your life? Head to BL Burgers and sort yourself out. 
20. Sushi on Stanley is where to go for sushi on Stanley street. It’s fresh and as simple as that. 
21. Playa Takeria is about to become your new fave Mexican joint, with craft beer and a whole lot of tacos. 

The Best Cafes In Darlinghurst

1. The double cheese toastie with wild mushrooms, sauerkraut, Gorgonzola cream, tasty cheese and chilli capsicum relish at Bootsdarling is kind of a big deal. 
2. After your early morning coffee fix? The Bunker is here for you. 
3. The chilli fried egg and bacon roll with spiced mango chutney and rocket is next level and can only be found at Bills
4. Whole Meal Café serves fresh, healthy and seasonal breakfasts and lunches that actually hit the spot. 
5. Chocolate is important, so take some time out of your day to do you and hit up Kakawa Chocolate
6. Fable Coffee. Try it. Trust us. 

fable coffee

7. Opt for the black sesame quinoa porridge or the ricotta stuffed field mushroom at A Brewers Tale
8. We love a café that sells cake because it cake is everything. Chez Sun’s mango cake and peach cake are incredible and the latte art on the coffees is next level adorable. 
9. We won’t say no to the halloumi stack at Pablo’s Vice. And you shouldn’t either. 
10. The Rusty Rabbit does an avo smash that is just calling to be Instagrammed TBH.
11. This Nordic Japanese fusion café is like nothing you’ve ever seen or tasted before. The sakasama yakuza poached pineapple hot cake, espresso mousse and blackberry powder is our case and point. 
12. Grab yourself a breakfast taco with chorizo, avo, chimichurri aioli, potato and a fried egg at Bloodhound Espresso
13. For classic breakfasts and no fuss coffee, Latteria is your guy. Oh, and they sell cronuts too which is kind of amazing. 

The Best Bars And Pubs In Darlinghurst

1. Open basically all hours of the day, you can get your breaky and/or cocktail needs sorted at Sir Allen Taylor Co. on Taylor Square. 
2. For just a damn dollar per dumpling, you’d be silly not to order 100 dumplings every Tuesday at the Della Hyde in Darlinghurst. 
3. Wings X Tins take one thing super seriously and it’s their chicken wings. Crack open a cold one while downing some bacon wrapped wings and regret absolutely nothing. 
4. Every Monday at Li’l Darlin is pizza and wine night. Could there be anything better? Answer: no. 
5. 2018 is amazing and late-night dumpling bars are a thing. Ginkgo Bar & Dining dishes up a whopping 16 different types of dumplings – so waste no time and head here ASAP. 
6. Score a $15 lunch every weekday from 11am till 3pm at the East Village Hotel
7. Heaven exists and it can be found at Big Poppa’s, whose entire venue is focused around cocktails, cheese and hip hop… heaven, right? 
8. Black Bottle doesn’t have a set menu, only small plates of everything we love: cured meats, artisan cheeses, pickles and fresh seafood. 


9. Love, Tilly Devine offers a menu with over 300 wines sourced from across the globe. Enough said. 
10. There aint’ nothing we love more than a $5 happy hour at Darlo Bar
11. OHBAR 1982 is far from your usual Thai restaurant, with the salmon coconut milk curry being our top pick on the menu. 
12. Got some craft beer cravings? Us too. Head on over to The Taphouse on a Thursday for $10 paddles and $15 parmies and schnits. 
13. ICYMI, TMBTP stands for the Darlo local, This Must Be The Place, and is known for its OTT cocktails and wine list. 
14. Tinder date idea time? Easy. Shady Pines Saloon
15. $1 oyster Friday’s at Eau De Vie is something to write home about, that’s for sure. 
16. Get your cocktail on at Pocket Bar because Brose Highball with rosé, gin and Pimms is a thing. 

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Image credit: Casoni. & Fable Coffee Traders | Federica Portentoso, Black Bottle | Caitlin Hicks

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