27 Things All Sydneysiders Have Said At Some Point

By Anna May
11th Nov 2015

So it turns out Sydneysiders are pretty aware of how beautiful, expensive, coffee and breakfast-obsessed this city of ours really is. Getting into a heated debate with your taxi driver after spending a week’s pay on cocktails and pork rolls is pretty much the norm in our lives.

And because we can all have a giggle about the things that make us a product of this city, here are 27 things that at least a few of us have uttered at some point in their Sydney lives. 

  1. “You can’t turn right here. Or left. And the next one is a no entry.”
  2. “Luna Park is shit. They should bring back Wonderland.”
  3. “I’ll try to come. How many bridges away is it?”
  4. “I know the girl Ja’mie King is based on.” 
  5. “I just got the best parking spot. Only a 10-minute walk from here!”
  6. “Is Mary’s still the best burger in Sydney? I can’t keep up.”
  7. “I love that place, but they don’t take bookings.”
  8. “The L90 on a Saturday? I’d rather die.”
  9. “There’s a new café open in Surry Hills, keen?”
  10. “We won’t get in, it’s already past 1:20am. Kebab shop is open?”
  11. “Should I take an umbrella?”
  12. “I found the perfect park, but it’s under a jacaranda tree and it’s raining, so…”
  13. “Hey look, a cockroach.”
  14. “What school did you go to? No way! Do you know…”
  15. “I got in a fight with my taxi driver last night.”
  16. “What’s the best hashtag for breakfast?”
  17. “Is Kings Cross even open on Saturdays any more?”
  18. “Never drinking again. I got tipsy and promised a friend I’d drive her to the airport.”
  19. “Is anyone else sick of salted caramel?”
  20. “It’s going to be arctic this weekend, did you see? 14 degrees!”
  21. “How did it get to 3am? I’m starving. Mr Crackles?”
  22. “I went to Double Bay on the weekend and now all I can think about is how much I need botox.”
  23. “Do cab drivers just not know that deodorant exists?”
  24. “Can’t come, sorry. Went for brunch twice on the weekend and now I’m broke.”
  25. “Of course the coffee is good. Look at the barista’s beard!”
  26. “An hour wait for a table sounds pretty reasonable.”

Image credit: Matthew Fuentes

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