Top 5 Juice Cleanses for the New Year

By Phoebe Hurst
5th Jan 2014

It's easy to forget about little things like fresh fruit and veg during the festive season. Christmas dinner isn't exactly heavy on the green stuff, and when there's a Ferrero Rocher box within arm's length at pretty much all times, getting your five a day suddenly seems like much less of a priority (chocolate sultanas count as a fruit, right?). So as the New Year rolls around, we completely understand your craving for vegetables and sudden urge to detox to within an inch of your life... maybe after just one more mince pie.  

Luckily it doesn't take Miranda Kerr's willpower (or personal dietician) to get back on the health train and make noticeable changes to your wellbeing. Juice cleanses can ward off junk food cravings, boost immunity and provide an all round vitamin boost – all by cutting out toxins and replacing meals with raw beverages. A typical plan lasts three to five days and includes pressed vegetable juices, green smoothies, herbal teas and coconut milk, and can often be delivered straight to your door. To help get your New Year off to a healthy start, here are our top five juice cleanses.

Orchard Street 
New Zealand nutritionist Kirsten Shanks's liquid cleanses use only chemical free, raw and vegan ingredients, the majority of which are locally grown. Try the Signature cleanse if you're a juice newbie, it promises to revitalise tired bodies and foggy minds with a 'rainbow' of organic kale, banana, avocado and beetroot smoothies.  

Lucky You Cleanse
Lucky You Cleanse's juice programme is a supermodel favourite and promises to rebalance the body by creating new, toxin-free eating patterns. The 'Spicy Lemonade', 'Cashew Nut Mylk' and green smoothies are numbered for easy straight-from-the-fridge grabs and arrive in their own Lucky You Cleanse cooler bag.  

Urban Remedy Cleanse
Still apprehensive about diving into the world of pressed juices? Urban Remedy make it easy with their three step plan. First, match your level of juice cleanse with your current diet and lifestyle choices (if you're unfamiliar with detox or a little too familiar with chocolate biscuits, Urban Remedy suggest starting with Level 1). Next, choose from a 1, 3 or 5 day plan and you're ready to start your journey to cleansed goodness.  

Pressed Juices
Pressed Juices are all about delivering fresh, nutritionally packed detox plans with minimum impact on your day-to-day life. Their 'Basic' 3 day cleanse contains the equivalent of 6 kilos of fruit and is conveniently delivered to your doorstep. If you're feeling adventurous, the 'Master' cleanse promises to revive your body to its 'natural state of energy and wellbeing' with a mix of celery, ginger, apple, avocado, pineapple and mint concoctions. 

Schkinny Maninny
The brainchild of self-confessed healthy junkie Catherine Craig, Schkinny nutritional cleanses find the balance between eating a nutritionally rich diet and 'continuing to enjoy the naughty things in life'. The daily cleanse menu includes the 'Schkinny Leap Frog' for breakfast (kiwi, apple, wheatgrass, parsley and wheatgrass pressed into a chlorophyll bursting beverage), a zesty pineapple grapple for morning tea and Vitamin C-rich beetroot soup for dinner.

Image credit: What Jew Wanna Eat

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