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Top Grooming Tips For Men

By Mitchell Oakley Smith
18th Jan 2014

Gentlemen, if your morning grooming regime includes nothing but a bar of soap and water, it's time to step up your skincare tactics. . . 

Men's skincare is just as important as women's. But it doesn't need to be complicated; really, we just need to follow a few simple rules. Like any practice that's designed to better you: repetition is key.

From shaving tips to anti-ageing—here is everything you need to know when it comes to men's grooming.


Whether a face soap or a liquid formula, cleansing removes the day's grime from your face and allows your pores to breathe. Washing twice a day – morning and night – is enough for most skin, and Dermalogica offers a series of gel- and cream-based cleansers for various skin types.


Follow your cleansing routine immediately with a moisturiser. This will help to trap in the moisture, maintaining your skin's youth, elasticity and natural oils plus, in the process, minimize the appearance of lines, wrinkles and ageing. Kiehl's produces an 'Ultra Facial Cream' that reduces moisture loss.


If your skin is going to see the sun, even on the short walk to work, look for a moisturiser with a light SPF for the day; it's less heavy than a traditional sunscreen but will keep you protected from UV damage which, particularly in the Australian summer, is incredibly important. Try Dermalogica's 'Pure Light SPF 30' that is designed to reduce pigmentation from the sun and, with its Vitamin C and E and hyaluronic acid, will brighten your skin.


Many exfoliants contain beads to help remove dead skin cells and open up pores. An exfoliant will also soften skin for shaving. Try Aesop's 'Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste' or, for a more thorough buff and scrub, their new 'Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant', which is a dry mix of crushed botanicals that, when mixed with water or a gel-based cleanser, sloughs away tired surface cells.


A good pre-shave face scrub will remove dead flakes and clear the way for a closer shave, also helping to reduce ingrown hairs. After, apply a light post-shave cream or gel to soothe nicks or cuts and comfort exposed skin. For those donning a beard, try a beard oil, such as The Bearded Chap's 'Original Beard Oil', which conditions and softens the hair and acts as a subtle fragrance.


While not hugely necessary if you are time-poor, a cream or serum with anti-ageing properties will help reduce the appearance of ageing, such as wrinkles, age spots and imperfections. This is where you'll open your wallet, but it's worth investing in something good rather than off the supermarket shelf, so head to Mecca Cosmetica for their range of Ren and Dr Perricone MD.

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