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Spoiler Alert | Everything You Should Be Watching & Reading This September

By Ellen Seah
5th Sep 2017


Ditch that pesky social life and curl up with a good book or unhealthily addictive TV series. After all, Netflix isn’t a hobby—it’s a lifestyle choice.

Here’s everything you should be reading and watching this month.



As someone with a completely irrational fear of clowns (what have clowns ever done to me, I don’t know), IT’s trailer was not a good thing to watch before my (9.15pm) bedtime. If however, you have a particular fondness for things that jump out at you in the dark, It is the must-see horror film of the year.


Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Everyone’s favourite anti-hero film is back with more suave, suits and unnecessary glasses. After Kingsman HQ crumbles like your VCE hopes and dreams, Eggsy (how they got away with the name is beyond me) must team up with the secret US spy organisation, Statesman to save the world. Again.


The Emoji Movie 

If for no other reason, there’s nothing better than a really bad movie.


Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049’s trailer doesn’t really tell you much if you haven’t watched the original, but it has Ryan Gosling as the hero, so how much more information do you need?


The Work

Hailed as the best documentary of the year, The Work spends the majority of screen time in the Californian Folsom Prison group therapy room. It follows an intense four-day program which sees incarcerated inmates and men from the “outside” together in therapy.



This Is Us            

Returning for a second, just-as-raw season, This Is Us follows the lives of three triplets and their parents as they walk (and more than sometimes, roll) through life. It’s hysterically honest and undeniably endearing.


BoJack Horseman

A Netflix original series, this cartoon is certainly not for the children. A South Park/Simpsons-style comedy with plenty of deeper undertones if you’re looking for them.


The Walking Dead

If The Walking Dead hasn’t sent you walking yet: the eighth season is being released this September, and promises plenty of character death. At this stage, expecting death in The Walking Dead is expecting chocolate milk with cocoa pops and milk.


Top of the Lake: China Girl

I’ll admit it: I may have only clicked on this trailer because I saw Brienne of Tarth in POPO gear and got confused, however, we’re sure it’s also quality TV.


Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon however, is not. Since there won’t be any laugh track, how will I know which parts are funny?



Sing, Unburied, Sing               

An intimate portrait of family, struggle and hope—Sing, Unburied, Sing is a unique portrayal of a road trip-style narrative set in 21st century America. The story follows Jojo, a thirteen-year old, and his mother Leonie as they pack up to drive to the State Penitentiary to pick up his father.


After a drug overdose that compels people to become obsessed and addicted to their work, anti-patent scientist Jack and the team on her trail are in a race to stop the drug that’s flooding New York City. 

Five-Carat Soul             

A collection of short stories which showcase James McBride’s storytelling gift, the tales shift from humorous to poignant and eccentric to tender.

Image credit: New Line Cinema

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