Move Over Unicorn Lattes, Blackened Food Is The New Black

By Yvonne Lam
28th Jun 2018


Growing up, my sister had a phobia of black-coloured food. Mushrooms were out, as were seaweed on sushi and overripe bananas. Luckily she’s overcome her irrational fear (though sponges still freak her out) because on the Sydney culinary scene, black is the new, well, black. 

Whether burnt, charcoaled or black-sesamed, black is back, and it’s delicious. Here are some dark-as-the-night dishes we dig. 

Charcoal Bucatini | Mark & Vinny’s

Everyone’s banging on about the blue pasta at Mark & Vinny's, but we reckon the carbonara is the dark horse on the menu. Oh yeah, make that a vegan carbonara, i.e. charcoal bucatini (the queen of all long pastas) with smoked mushroom “pancetta”, plant-based parmesan and an oozy sweet-potato-slash-egg yolk on top. Genius. 


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Burnt Miso Ramen | Gogyo

The signature dish at Surry Hill’s Gogyo doesn’t look pretty—it reminds me of that Harry Potter scene when he crosses the river full of zombies—but it’s pretty damn tasty. To make the kogashi miso ramen, they burn miso and lard in a smoking hot wok, then add chicken broth, ramen noodles, and classic toppings like pork belly chashu, soft-boiled eggs and a swirl of naruto. It’s smoky, supple and silky like you wouldn’t believe. 


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Black Sesame Gelato | I-Creamy

If you have the patience to wait for I-Creamy's famous gelato flower, go for it. You’ll just have to eat it quickly before it melts under the glare of your smartphone camera flash. Most ‘grammers go for the strawberry and Thai milk tea flavours, but we like bringing out the inner Year 8 goth and create a dessert rose made entirely out of the black sesame gelato. 


Keen for desserts? How about fifty of the best?

Image credit: Mark & Vinny's

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