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Must-See Movies This October

By Bella Ramdhanie - 01 Oct 2017

As spring very slowly makes an appearance, the promise of the approaching Christmas break hangs over the heads of all us hard-working Aucklanders. As we pine for summer’s return, don’t worry too much. Hollywood has provided the goods yet again, with a line-up of must-see movies about to drop this October.

From pining over our favourite heartthrobs (Chris Hemsworth!) to those jump scares that we just love to hate, October movies have you sorted. Hand us a large popcorn and a cheeky glass of bubbles... yes, please?!

The Mountain Between Us 

12th October 2017

Kate Winslet is back on the big screen, doing what she does best: finding herself in the middle of aaall the drama! However this time, instead of Leo (sigh), her character stars alongside Idris Elba. In The Mountain Between Us, the pair is stranded after a tragic plane crash, and it looks like the heat between the two characters is enough to keep them warm (if you know what we mean). How could we resist this action-packed drama? Snow-covered mountains, limited time and sexual tension… Kate Winslet was a shoe-in for this role. It’s no wonder we love a date night to the movies!

The Foreigner 

12th October 2017

If Jackie Chan is the star, you know this is an action-packed movie you don’t want to miss! The Foreigner follows London businessman Quan (Chan), who finds himself in a relentlessly exciting search for the identity of terrorists. Think Taken meets the adorable Jackie Chan, as we join him on a journey to seek revenge on those who killed his daughter. Popcorn anyone…?

Happy Death Day 

12th October 2017

We all loved last month’s horror flick IT, so much so that we can’t seem to get enough of jump-scares and low-key post-traumatic stress. Happy Death Day promises you those scares you love to hate! Directed by Christopher Landon (the director behind both Disturbia and Paranormal Activity), the movie tells the story of a young college student reliving the day of her murder, that is until she discovers her killer’s identity. Eeeeek!


19th October 2017

In this thriller flick, the world is ending (again!). We watch Gerard Butler (enter heart emoji eyes here) solving the problems of malfunctioning geoengineering technologies before a world-wide geostorm can engulf the planet. Wait what? Don’t worry – just watch Geostorm, you won’t be disappointed.

Thor: Ragnarok 

26th October 2017

Our favourite heartthrob is back! Chris Hemsworth, as Thor, finds himself in another epic fight for survival and race against time. Oh, did we mention the film also stars Mark Ruffalo, Benedict Cumberbatch, Cate Blanchett, and Tom Hiddleston? Ok, we are officially counting down the days till the 26th!

Image Credit: Thor Ragnarok

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