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Sydney's Fave Burger Joint Is Coming To The Gold Coast!

By Brooke Darling
27th Sep 2016

Clear your calendar folks; ‘cause this is a Gold Coast first you don’t want to miss.

Popping up for one night only, Sydney’s most iconic burger joint is teaming up with the legends at The Cambus Wallace for a burger takeover like we’ve never seen before. For one glorious, sloppy burger-filled evening you can try what Sydney-siders have been going cray cray over since this raucous burger bar first opened in Newtown and later in the CBD. These are burgers with ‘tude if we ever saw it. Don’t believe us? Check out their Insta page.

For those unfamiliar with the name (and you call yourself a burger connoisseur?), Mary’s Burgers has a cult following down south and is not afraid to drop the f-bomb, so if you’re easily offended you’d best be staying at home. Hijacking The Cambus Wallace on Sunday, October 9 the cheeky pranksters from Mary’s are even going so far as to import an army of Metal Maids, their take on the Coast’s iconic Metre Maids. Intrigued? You should be!

Place your order for a simple yet seriously tasty signature Mary’s Burger (O’Connor grass-fed beef patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, and special Mary’s sauce) and then grab a craft beer or stiff rum drink to wash it down. We reckon it’s going to be packed to the rafters next Sunday, so grab some Mary’s takeaway burgers to go if you can’t cope with the crowds.

Don’t know about you folks, but we can’t wait to get our greasy mitts all over those burgers!

When: 4pm to 9pm; Sunday, October 9
Where: The Cambus Wallace, 4/2237 Gold Coast Highway, Nobby Beach

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