10 of the Best Express Workouts in Melbourne

By Iro Kotsimbos
11th Mar 2015

It’s the modern day dilemma—a million things to do, people to see and places to visit, and only 24 hours a day to do it in. Surely there’s no time to fit exercise in on top of that?!

Well, Listers, you better believe it cos we’ve done the rounds of gyms in Melbourne and uncovered a host of places that offer wicked workouts that are 45 minutes or less!

What are you waiting for? Sign up for one of the best quicky workouts in Melbourne! 

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Best for…Pilates

Xtreme Pilates X | Fairfield

At Xtreme Pilates X, the team live by the motto ‘Less Time, Higher Intensity, Greater Results’ so it comes as little surprise that they’ve made our list of best fast workouts in Melbourne! The 25-minute classes at XPX are the perfect solution for the time-poor, with every minute dedicated to making you tread, shred, and sweat like never before. Our pick? The Full Body Express, a pilates reformer bed combo, is brilliant for blitzing, strengthening and conditioning the body from top to toe.

Best for…Barre

Core Candy | Prahran

Inspired by the boutique fitness studios of NYC, Core Candy in Prahran offers a variety of core-some classes that’ll turn your mid-section into abs of steel. Can’t come to a full class? It’s aiight…Core Candy schedule a number of express classes each week including our fave, Express Barre. The long, lean and ballerina-like movements help to shape and tone your body via a series of glute, thigh, arm and core exercises, with a touch of cardio thrown in for good measure.

Best for…HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

F45 Training | Hawthorn and South Melbourne

Are circuit style workouts more your thing? If so, you need to book in at F45 Training STAT! With locations in Hawthorn and South Melbourne, F45 focus on high intensity, circuit based exercises designed to work out your entire body in, you guessed it, 45 minutes. There are so many classes to choose from however Hollywood gets our vote, thanks to its perfect balance of resistance and cardio. Undoubtedly one of the best fast workouts in Melbourne!

Best for…Spin

Art of Cycling | Yarraville

When we heard Yarraville spin studio Art of Cycling offered an spin class, it made our day. Why? Well when it comes to all things bike-related, Art of Cycling is where it’s at! Delivering all the signature moves and benefits of a regular spin class into a short and sweet 30-minute block, the Cycle Express class wins the award for best express spin, hands down. 

Best for…Boxing

StudioForty6 | Caulfield North

After putting the call out for best express workouts, we were flooded with people suggesting the group boxing class at StudioForty6, one of the top gyms in Melbourne. After trying it for ourselves, we know why—it’s just plain awesome! The 45-minute class incorporates a variety of boxing techniques and drills to help boost your cardio endurance, release stress, and build upper body strength. And if you fancy yourself a bit of ninja action, it’s brilliant for learning self-defense moves, too!

Best for…Dance

Dance Dynamics | Richmond, Malvern, Box Hill & Ringwood

Could it be? A workout that doesn’t actually feel like exercise, gets the blood pumping and muscles moving, and has you in and out in only 30 minutes? Ya-huh, Listers, we think we found the Holy Grail of exercise—dance classes at Dance Dynamics! With over 20 styles of dance classes available, many of which are offered in express formats, Dance Dynamics takes the cake in the dance category. We love the Salsa class in particular—lots of sensual moves set to a sexy Latin soundtrack.

Best for…Rowing

Trifusion Fitness | Bentleigh

Rowing has always been one of our fave forms of exercise so naturally, we’re big fans of Trifusion’s 30 Minute Rowfit class—it’s one of Melbourne’s best fast workouts! Burning up to 800 calories per session, the Rowfit class at Trifusion is a terrific option for those who want mega results in as little time as possible. But you better get in quick…there are only 10 spots per session!

Best for...Outdoor

North Melbourne Recreation Centre | North Melbourne

If the thought of exercising indoors makes you want to scream, yet you still want to book an express workout, then we have news for you—North Melbourne Recreation Centre offer the stellar Outdoor Fitness class! The 45-minute group session combines body weight and free weight exercises with the great outdoors for a workout that’ll get your whole body jumping!

Best for…Yoga

City Club Health & Fitness | Melbourne CBD

Located within the Grand Hyatt, City Club Health & Fitness is a Melbourne gym that offers a great express yoga class on Thursdays—perfect for busy-bee city workers! The expert teachers will help you zone out the craziness of the outside world, guiding you through the exercises as you get your ‘ommm’ on…all in the space of 45 minutes!


ProSport Health & Fitness | Richmond

Our roundup of the best fast workouts in Melbourne wouldn’t be complete without ProSport Health & Fitness—after all, they offer some pretty damn unique classes! The Altitude Express is one of them; 30 minutes of altitude training, which gets your heart pumping, boosts your metabolism, aids weight loss, and increases your aerobic and anaerobic fitness. This is one for the real fitness fiends out there!

So there you have it, Listers! If you’re short on time make sure you give one of these gyms in Melbourne a go—there’s a quicky workout to suit everyone!

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