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5 New Podcasts Worth Listening To This Month

By Victoria Cotman - 17 Jan 2019

There’s no denying the holidays are over and it’s back to work and study and all those things that aren’t going to the beach. With that in mind, we think you deserve some solid distractions in your earholes (podcasts, we mean podcasts). Hit up Gay Future (set in 2062), a mysterious murder-suicide with Broken Harts and a podcast preaching all things Disney.

Here are all the podcasts to binge this January.

Gay Future

The year is 2062 and the lefties have finally succeeded in installing their long-feared gay agenda: North America is ruled by a gay totalitarian government. Everyone is gay. Everyone, except a teenage boy with a dirty little secret *whispers* he’s straight. Can this brave young lad lead the rebellion and save us all? Touted as an adaptation of a “recently discovered, never released YA novel by Mike Pence”, Gay Future is new this month. On Apple Podcasts, Player FM and more.

F**ks Given

Maybe you feel like you’ve slept with too many people, maybe too few; maybe it’s been in all the wrong ways, maybe you’re still looking for what’s right? F**ks Given is here to put your mind at ease, demystifying sex through the medium of ‘uncensored’ discussions about their guests’ own sex lives. Get into bed with this beauty on Apple Podcasts, Player FM and more.

Broken Harts

In March 2018 the car of Sarah and Jennifer Hart (both white) and their six adopted children (all black) was found smashed on the rocks below a Californian highway in an apparent murder-suicide. Friends considered them the perfect blended family, so what lead the parents to drive off a cliff? Broken Harts brings you more than 30 hitherto unheard interviews as they attempt to answer that question. Find Broken Harts on Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio and more.


Disnerds, you’re going to want to put on your mouse ears to listen to this one. Nathan Hartman brings you a series of interviews with “imagineers, authors, actors, dancers, photographers” and other artists, discussing all things Disney, its parks, and the undeniable inspiration of the house of mouse. Brand new this month and sure to make you want to ride Space Mountain, find Dreamfinders on Apple Podcasts, Player FM, Podbean and more.

Happy Face

It was 1995. That was the year Melissa Moore learned that her father was a serial killer. From here, her life spiralled into constant doubt. She was very much like her father, they shared intelligence and charisma… so could she be a psychopath too? This podcast isn’t just about the cat and mouse game Moore’s father played with detectives and the media after committing brutal crimes — it’s also about the legacy he left as a father. Binge Happy Face on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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