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You Need Rami Malek’s Dystopian Podcast On Your Radar This Week

By Victoria Cotman - 11 Apr 2019


Learn stuff and things, get freaked out, and sing a song of ice and fire, because we’ve got podcasts for all of that and more. A real mystery disappearance in To Live and Die in LA, an apocalyptic thriller in Blackout and your personal guide to becoming a boss entrepreneur with Building a Unicorn. April is officially the month of levelling up, according to the rules we just made up.

Here are all the podcasts worth bingeing this month.

To Live and Die in LA

Everyone dreams of running away to LA to become a famous actor but when an aspiring actress disappears from her Hollywood apartment it’s nothing short of a nightmare. Employed by the family to help them find answers, Rolling Stone journalist Neil Strauss deep dives into the multi-state investigation, pulling apart the official story and updating listeners with real-time revelations. Stay tuned for the latest developments.

EW’s Game of Thrones Weekly

Winter is coming so, we must prepare for the final battle and bend the knee to whomever finally takes the Iron Throne. By “prepare”, of course, we mean binge this podcast. Recapping seasons 6 and 7, it will more than ready you for season 8. Plus, when we are finally blessed with the saga’s final chapter, each new episode will be discussed as it airs. Sharpen your swords and headphones, and welcome to Westeros.


It’s apocalypse now in America when the national power grid goes down and the modern world goes under. Cast into life pre-industrial revolution, a small-town radio DJ must protect his family and community from whatever is waiting in the dark. Starring Academy Award-winner Rami Malek, enjoy the end of civilisation as you know it in Blackout.

The Drop Out

It’s been out for a hot minute, and so have *all* the memes, but if you’ve been wondering who the heck this Elizabeth Holmes person is, The Drop Out has all the answers. Once regarded as “the next Steve Jobs” and the (legit) youngest self-made female billionaire ever, Holmes embodied the phrase “oh how the mighty fall” when she ended up facing criminal charges and 20 years in jail. Her technology was meant to save lives, not put them at risk - so what happened? Find out with the help of some very clever journalists.

Building a Unicorn

If The Drop Out is a guide of what not to do, this is the opposite. Featuring founders of successful start-ups from around the world, Building a Unicorn is your how-to for creating a business that beats the odds. Ninety per cent of all start-ups fail, but, with a little help, yours could be the rare creature investors call a “unicorn”. Time to become a legend, don’t you think?

30 Animals That Made Us Smarter

In a series of teeny-tiny episodes (just 15 minutes), the BBC does what they do best and makes us all a little bit smarter-er. How did the kingfisher inspire bullet trains? Or octopuses teach us about camouflage? You’re going find out. Be the sagest person in any room or, at the very least, the one who fills awkward silences with cephalopod banter. 

Got time to binge more? Here's every TV show worth bingeing this month.

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