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6 New Shows Worth Streaming This Month

By Victoria Cotman - 08 Nov 2018


The warm weather is here at last and frankly, it’s too dang hot. Best to stay on the couch where no-one can see you lying about in your underwear. Lucky for you, our favourite streaming services are making air-conditioning and that fan-life all the more enjoyable by delivering some excellent content. Netflix has hard-hitting drama covered with House of Cards and The Sinner 2, while Stan eases the pain of sunburn with bouncy comedies The Bold Type and A.P Bio.

Here’s every TV show worth streaming this November.


House of Cards: Season 6

Everyone’s favourite political drama was touch-and-go for a minute there, but, like the badass she is, Robin Wright saved the show for one last edge-of-your-seat season. Following Claire Underwood's (née Hale) fledgeling presidency, you’ll be treated to intrigue, wild twists, and outstanding performances from, like, everyone. Critics are in consensus that Wright should have been running the show all along; so if you’re a fan of powerhouse female roles, thinly veiled allusions to the current administration, and legit surprising plot points, you need to be all up in this grill. House of Cards is available now on Netflix. 

The Sinner: Season 2

The Sinner comes with the words “Emmy and Golden Globe nominated” attached to its name, so, you know, *waves hand at TV*. Fans of season one were treated to the thrill of a good old-fashioned whodunit with a twist: we know whodunit, we just need to figure out whydunit (that’s a thing, right?). Season two follows the same format - we join detective Harry Ambrose, played by the ever lovable Bill Pullman, as he investigates the case of a 13-year-old boy murdering his parents. But WHY did you do it, kid?! *Sharpens pencil* let’s figure this out, Bill. The Sinner 2 arrives on Netflix November 9th.


Escape at Dannemora

Love a true story? We've got you. Escape at Dannemora is based on the very real happenings of a prison break in upstate New York and the subsequent manhunt. Sure, it’s a serious subject, but something about this trailer says to me, “I’m gonna have a giggle”, don’t you think? Sporting the absolute killer cast of Benicio Del Toro, Patricia Arquette and Paul Dano, Escape at Dannemora is sure to prove to us that sometimes, life is stranger than fiction. The show breaks out on Stan November 18.

The Bold Type

Following the lives of three young women breaking into the magazine industry, The Bold Type promises high fashion and hot sex. Despite being wrapped in bright colours and lipstick, this show is not shying away from the difficult topic of discrimination and the ways in which it affects women. You can watch seasons one and two on Stan from November 9.

A.P Bio

What does a Harvard philosophy scholar do when his life goes down in flames? Teach Advanced Placement Biology at a sad Ohio high school, of course. It’s pretty hard to miss that Jack Griffin would rather not be here as one of his opening lines is, “I don’t want to be here.” But, he’ll make the best of a bad situation… by using his new students to psychologically torment the man who got the job he wanted. What could possibly go wrong? There’s nothing not funny about a human dumpster fire, so get your schadenfreude on. You can watch A.P Bio on Stan now.

Amazon Prime Video


Proving that streaming services are the place to be, Homecoming stars Julia Roberts as the ex-employee of a transitional facility for returning soldiers. Only, when a federal agent comes to ask her about her time there… she can’t remember a thing. Directed by Sam Esmail, the dude responsible for Mr. Robot, this psychological thriller is sure to bend your brain as you try to solve the mystery before the feds do. Get involved, you can watch Homecoming on Amazon Prime now.


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