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We Talk Sustainable Underwear With Melbourne Brand Vee Underwear

By Gracyn McEwan
11th Dec 2018


Vee Underwear is a no-fuss, sustainably made and sourced underwear label made from breathable, anti-bacterial bamboo.

The idea behind Vee Underwear eventuated from one too many doctor’s visits and prescriptions for 'irritation down there.'

Emma Rutherford-Ward was tired of band-aid solutions given to her by her doctor which only left her temporarily relieved.

“By the end of it I was like ‘this isn’t a long-term solution, I can’t just keep slapping on cream once a month.' I knew some of my girlfriends had some issues as well and so that was when I sort of demanded another answer,’ Emma said.

“It was kind of surprising that it took about five visits to the doctors before they told me about these really simple changes like checking to see if I was wearing cotton underwear (you should), or if I was using soap or wearing stockings a lot (you shouldn’t).”

After these revelations, Emma began searching for cotton replacements but with unsatisfying results. Turns out it’s hard to find nice fitting underwear that’s good for your parts.

With a head for business, Emma then set out to create a cotton underwear label, only to come across something even better. Bamboo.

“Bamboo proved to be a million times better than cotton. It’s just as breathable as cotton but it’s also got anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic properties and it’s really good for delicate areas and the sustainability factor takes over cotton as well by a mile. It was a really obvious choice”.

At the time of Vee’s conception two years ago Emma was still in the depths of her full-time advertising job—think getting home after 8pm at night, then staying up to squeeze in the work and energy needed to start up an underwear label. Not easy.

Eventually, she quit her full-time gig to dedicate the love and attention she thought Vee needed to get off the ground. Six-months later Vee has officially launched and is all over our Instagram feeds.

The results so far are three styles of underwear with subtle lace trims (bikini, boyleg and G-string) made from ethically sourced, organic bamboo. Oh and they look really good too, without the fussiness of regular lingerie.

Emma’s vision behind Vee is to help women feel more in control of their health but also to help them feel more confident. She’s tried to do this through their sizing which uses 0s rather than the usual labels (S, M, L, XL).

“Modern day size labelling can have a negative effect on some women's confidence, and given underwear is the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at night, we want to ensure that it is always a confidence-boosting experience.”

If you’re anything like us, Vee’s online shop will make you want to do a complete overhaul of your top drawer.

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