30 Things Only Redheads Will Understand

By Grace Noles
26th Mar 2018

30 Things Only Redheads Will Understand

So, you’ve battled since birth with the blessing and curse that is red hair? Between being picked on in school and praised for your locks in more recent years, covering up any visible skin while walking the two-minutes to our car, or being lumped into the same group as literally any and every other ginger, any non-redheads will never understand our struggles.

We’re here to educate everyone who may not know on the daily ups and downs of living on the “strawberry blonde” side of life.

  1. You had a rough time at primary school because kids are just plain mean.
  2. Everytime you meet someone new you get asked if your hair is “real?”
  3. Also being asked if “the carpet matches the drapes?” If you ask, you probably won’t ever find out.
  4. Being asked if you have a soul. Wasn’t funny 8 years ago, still not funny now.
  5. Being a redhead and covered in freckles go hand in hand, there’s no one or the other.
  6. “You’re good looking for a ginger” is the easiest way to spot a douchebag.
  7. Exclusively receiving Jaffas, gingernuts, and Fanta as your secret santa joke present.
  8. Making sure you’re clothed head-to-toe whenever you step into the sunlight.
  9. Being covered head-to-toe in sunburn and freckles despite #8.
  10. Seeing an orangutan in any context and waiting for the jokes to start rolling in.
  11. Having people complain to you about how expensive their latest trip to the salon for a colour was. And not being able to relate at all.
  12. But when you do go to the salon, all the stylists gather around to marvel at your natural colour.
  13. Being asked if you’re a Weasley whenever any Harry Potter movie is mentioned.
  14. “Hug a Ginga Day” was a living nightmare. Please don’t touch me, strangers.
  15. You’re super easy to spot in a crowd. There’s nowhere to hide in event photographs.
  16. People constantly say you look like Lindsay Lohan/Prince Harry/Amy Adams/literally any other redheaded celebrity.
  17. Old ladies give the sweetest compliments about your hair.
  18. Bees love you.
  19. Turning the same colour as your hair when the slightest bit of embarrassment hits you.
  20. People mistaking you for other redheads they know. This is weird. I don’t mistake you for another brunette person who looks nothing like you whatsoever.
  21. Lying in the sun for hours with tanning oil on, and coming inside even paler than before—how is that is even possible?
  22. 2007 was a hard year because Summer Heights High had just come out and the line “Cause he’s a ranga sir,” was at its peak.
  23. People keep tagging you in those “gingers are going extinct” Facebook articles.
  24. Fake tanning is difficult. On one hand you want to be a bronzed goddess. On the other hand, you don’t want your skin to blend into your hair.
  25. You were stoked when you found out gingers have genetic super powers. (Creating our own vitamin D? Having a higher pain tolerance? Just being funnier and more popular overall? That’s us!)
  26. Making eye contact with another red head in public and feeling a sense of comradery.
  27. If you ever dare complain about your hair colour, at least three random people will come out of nowhere to tell you “Some people pay a fortune for your hair colour”.
  28. People are shocked if they name another ginger—celebrity or otherwise—and you don’t know them.
  29. People assume you’re adopted if you’re the only ginger in the family. But you’ve defintiely wondered this too.
  30. Hating your hair as a child but now that you’ve grown up and ~matured~ you can appreciate how awesome and unique your hair colour is.

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