31 Thoughts About The 90s Fashion Comeback

By Tennille Ziegler
1st Aug 2016

31 Thoughts About The 90s Fashion Comeback

It’s all well and good for fashion eras to come back in style, but we’re a little concerned when it includes trends from one of the worst style eras of our time—think belly-baring tops, ultra-mini skirts, matching outfits and wrap-around sunnies.

When we heard the ’90s are coming back into fashion, our stomachs sank and our minds raced with 31 (precisely) thoughts. And here they are.  

  1. Is the slip dress a nightie you found in your PJ drawer? Or do we actually have to go buy one exactly the same to claim that it’s not? 
  2. We’re seeing ’70s flares, but are baggy flares going to become a thing again?
  3. When should we bring out the zip-off cargo pants?
  4. Gypsy what? Gypsy skirts? Does that mean we go join a gypsy commune?
  5. Slazengers, Gallaz, Etnies, perhaps the most uncool shoes to rule them all. We hope this doesn’t come back into style. 
  6. Denim mini-skirts are making a comeback. How short is too short.
  7. Is Paris Hilton cool again? Velvet tracksuits. We have no words. 
  8. Do we have to start working out now for our midriff bearing top? 
  9. Will we look more French with a baker boy cap? 
  10. Balayage no more? Are buzzy bee stripe highlights coming back? 
  11. Halter necks, boob tubes and one-shoulder tops—bring them back, baby. 
  12. Ok, so double denim is officially a thing. When will we make like JT and Britney’s famous denim debut and go quadruple denim? 
  13. Will tomboys be cool again? Avril Lavigne anyone?
  14. Hipster jeans coming back? Say hello to Mr Muffin top.
  15. Layer that cute band tee over your longsleeve, clash prints and colours—anything goes! 
  16. Material belts anyone? We’re hoping we said a final goodbye to these in the 90s. 
  17. The All Saints are calling our name, note: matching group outfits and Timberlands. 
  18. It can get pretty bright outside, and nothing says practicality more than your classic Dirty Dog wrap-around sunnies. 
  19. The name says it all with Ugg boots, are these really going to make an appearance outside of our house?
  20. I thought tattoo chokers wouldn’t come back into fashion, yet here they are.
  21. Say hello to lace-up pants, because buttoning isn’t hard enough. We’re feeling reminiscent of Christina Aguilera’s ‘dirty’ video clip.
  22. Gwen Stefani was totally our style icon for 90’s grunge girl and she’s still cool.
  23. We better start asking our hairdresser for the “Rachel” haircut again.
  24. Praising the Spice Girls platforms for all the short girls out there.
  25. Never fear if you can’t grow your hair—clip in extensions are all the rage.
  26. Farmer girl gone grunge, flannel shirts are totally acceptable, right? 
  27. Let’s go camo…Destiny’s Child ring a bell anyone? 
  28. Ok we’re actually digging Mom jeans…shout out to Monica from Friends. 
  29. Leave the purse at home, bring out the fanny pack for everything you need will be right in front of you…
  30. Not sure what mood I’m in? Let my mood ring tell you. 
  31. We won’t need to worry about misplacing our wallet again with the super-handy wallet chains.

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Image credit: Actitudfem

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