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49 Thoughts We Had While Watching First Dates Episode 2

By Urban List Writers
26th Apr 2018

49 Thoughts We Had While Watching First Dates Episode 2

Ah…first dates. Is there anything more exciting, more exhilarating or more awkward? Why, yes, yes there is. It’s having said first date with cameras rolling and a nation watching.

Last week we fell in love with Jimmy, laughed at PJ’s snorts and felt enormous pity for Callum when he was brother-zoned.

Naturally, this week we were in front of the television in anticipation of all the lols.

Here were 49 thoughts we had while watching this week’s episode of First Dates.

  1. An electric belt is a very, very good idea Ebony. Trademark that shit asap.
  2. A NZ Kardashian family? Get on this one, TVNZ!
    first dates nz
  3. Check out those guns, Shane! 
  4. She’s a personal trainer. No wonder she noticed his biceps.
  5. Ebony’s older sister is here?!
  6. Oh thank God she’s kidding.
  7. Jessie-May wants all of the babies. Pro tip: keep that to yourself during the first date.
    first dates nz
  8. She did not just simulate giving birth. Save us all. 
  9. “I just love them, they’re so happy!” Jessie-May go and talk to a new mum who hasn’t slept in months. Do. It. Now.
  10. “They don’t run around.” Yeah, but in a couple months they’ll be rolling. And then crawling. And then walking. And then running. Like, you get that, right?
  11. “You can just put them in a pen.” Is this girl on drugs?
  12. A combo between a bad Shirley and a sour queen? A bad queen? A sour Shirley?
  13. “White guys hands freak me out.” We need to check DSMV.
  14. Damien’s girlfriend broke up with him 16 times for no reason. Who counts that?
  15.  Jessie-May wants babies and so they set her up with a playboy. Better watch it TVNZ you could be liable for child support.
  16. Note Damien didn’t say a single thing about personality when describing his dream woman.
    first dates nz
  17. Every woman wants a plastic rose from the $2 shop. And a hand shake.
  18. “My French accent works in New Zealand surprisingly to get girls in bed.” Damien, you’re an actual pig. know what they say about men who feel the need to brag...
  19. Shane needs to update the photo of his daughter.
    first dates nz
  20. There’s a lot of talk about fish in this episode. We need a new cliché. 
  21. Jenilee: “He’s a fruit salad, which is good.” Okayyyyy.
  22. Jenilee and Fred are actually all the cuteness.
  23. Ethnicity is huge this episode.
  24. Ebony: “He’s an 8/10. The 2% is his hair.” Math is obvs not a strong point.
    first dates nz
  25. Cats? Yes. Dogs? Yes. Bunnies? That’s new. 
  26. Kelly: “I’m looking for a man, not a bunny.” Thank god for that.
    first dates nz
  27. Jenny from the Block. Like actually. 
  28. Why is Damien pretending to like rosé? It’s so weird.
  29. Damien: “Have you met my new girlfriend?” One should discuss that with said girlfriend first, dude.
  30. Min, you’re a man after our own hearts. Nothing is worse than someone who chews with their mouth open.
  31. Min has his wedding menu planned. Maybe find a woman first?
  32. A big bum? Just shut your mouth Damien. Seriously.
  33. Damien could learn a thing or two from Fred.
  34. Jessie-May can see right through him. Thank goodness.
    first dates nz
  35. Fred, bro. Chill out!
  36. And…just like that the date becomes awkward af. 
  37. A yes from Ebony and Shane! It’s a yes from us too!
  38. Kellie wants to eat at the top one hundred restaurants in Auckland. We’ll do a list for you.
  39. Jessie-May has got this? Honey you shouldn’t be paying for a brick wall.
  40. She says no as he nods yes. This is gold.
  41. “Likewise.”*cough* *cough*
  42. OMG Min and Kellie have both planned the food at their wedding. Are they actually the same person?
  43. Kellie, you need to tell him about the bunnies and stop this chat about dogs.
    first dates nz
  44. Fred is paying but they’ve gone so flat. Bro, you’re hung up over nothing! 
  45. Thank god he said he yes! Way to go!
  46. Yay, Kellie is FINALLY bringing up the rabbit.
  47. Hang on, wait. What?! Kellie eats rabbit? So confused right now.
  48. No, Min, you don’t sound stingy.
    first dates nz
  49. And…we have another love match! Yussss. 

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