5 Cafes And Restaurants To Visit This Weekend

By Bella Ramdhanie
16th Dec 2017

5 Brilliant Cafes And Restaurants To Visit This Weekend

It’s the weekend again, congrats! And what better way to celebrate than by testing out the best of menus that Auckland has to offer? Students, put down your two-minute ramen, workaholics, take a well-deserved break and treat yourself… because these eats are worth it.

After serious thought, and many enjoyable dining experiences, we have carefully curated a list of cafes and restaurants we think are a total must this weekend.

Eden Noodles 

Mt Eden

All you true noodle obsessives will have paid a visit to Eden Noodles Café one time or another. Why, you ask? Well, their food is so utterly mouth-watering, Aucklanders are quite literally waiting in line to satisfy their cravings. And these first-class noodles are worth the wait! Their famous spicy dan dan noodles remain a must, topped with crispy pork-mince. Feeling extra peckish? Their dumplings with chilli oil are quite possibly the most delicious, delectable carbs known to mankind. Sooo, what are you waiting for? Pay ‘em a visit. Like, now. And, if you're on the Shore, you can stay there, because Eden Noodles recently opened in Takapuna. 

Honey Café


All our Shore kids will have visited Honey Café at one time or another. Why, you ask? Because their smoked pumpkin smash complete with crumbled feta and dukkah, is addictive. Seriously. It tastes as good as it looks (and it looks GOOD). Be sure to order yourself a coffee too, Honey prides itself on servin’ up caffeine to nothing less but loveable standards.



This Morningside gem will have you relaxed in no time. Famous for their quirky and friendly atmosphere, Crave will be sure to satisfy those Saturday morning brunch cravings that you’ve ignored for far too long. Mushroom enthusiasts will thank us for this one—their fungi mushrooms on kumara and feta cakes paired with rocket and herb garlic cream are seriously good.



Located in the heart of Devonport, this adorable eatery offers an atmosphere that is just as appealing as their delish food. When at Bette’s be sure to get your hands on either their unbelievably moreish sliders or their perfected pork belly (arguably the best in town). And as an added bonus, they have a cocktail list so enticing, one is just not enough (oops). Pretend you’re in Sex and the City and sip on a cosmopolitan in the sun!



Feeling like being spoiled? No problem. Ebisu, has you sorted. This restaurant is a must for group outings, be sure to order adventurously and test out all the different options, because this menu is designed to be shared! Expect a menu that showcases the likes of crispy karaage chicken, beef tataki with onion garlic dressing and steamed prawn dumplings. Ah, heaven.

Image Credit: Honey Cafe

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