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58 Thoughts We Had While Watching First Dates Episode Three

By Urban List Writers
3rd May 2018

59 Thoughts We Had While Watching First Dates Episode Three

Hellllllooo First Dates...that wonderful time of the week where we cringe, we laugh and we watch as couples burn to the depths of single-ville or find the spark to see them live happily ever after. Well, not really, but you get the drift.

And, luckily, this week was no different.

Here were 59 thoughts we had while watching this week’s episode of First Dates.

  1. Oh Romeo, Romeo! Side note: people call their kids Romeo IRL?
  2. Naww...he’s so humble.
  3. “A lot of girls can’t put up with reality.” What does that even mean?
    first dates nz
  4. He wants a little bit of muscle and he’s got a wrestler in Shani’s Miss River. 
  5. “Sometimes, always a little bit of a bitch.” Hmmmm.
  6. “A face that runs the place?” Please keep giving us these golden quotes, Shani.
    first dates nz episode 3
  7. Someone needs to tell Romeo that it’s not their wedding night. 
  8. Romeo was an Olympic wrestler?! Is love gonna start right now?!
  9. Shut up Romeo long enough for Shani to get a word in.
    first dates nz
  10. Daniel, you’re (kind of) a metrosexual. If people think you're gay based on your clothes you need to broaden your pals.
  11. Also, you need to get out more.
  12. What is it with men who just won’t shut up? Daniel, ask Jessica about her life!
  13. Drums on the glasses...the restaurant will be thrilled.
  14. Shani, that’s an amazing story. Go you.
    first dates nz thoughts
  15. “I thought that was beautiful how she’s different.” Naww Romeo. You are a real Romeo. 
  16. Forget Juliet, it’s Shani all the way. Actual goosebumps.
  17. James: “They only last a few hours. I last longer than that.” Lewl.
  18. You’re only 21, James. You have nine years to go. Just relax.
    first dates nz
  19. Jorvana: “At work the guys are either unconscious or old anaesthetists.” We see your problem. 
  20. Is being known as a bitch when you’re a nurse a good thing?
  21. TVNZ linking the medical peeps. #matchmakers
  22. Ok Daniel. You know being pretentious isn’t actually something one should aspire to, right?
  23. Here’s the definition: “attempting to impress by affecting greater importance or merit than is actually possessed.” You don’t want to be that. Just be you.
    first dates nz
  24. Be still my beating heart! 
  25. Romeo: “I don’t want to show my ding-a-ling.” Good for you!
  26. “Not that it’s small or anything.” Stop. Now. Please.
  27. A guy who has thought about his own wedding since he was 13?! That’s keen!
  28. Just a heads up, Thomas, kids don’t end up mini-me’s.
    first dates nz
  29. But you’re just a big ol’ teddy bear. 
    first dates nz
  30. Woah...slow down on that beersie! 
  31. Curly hair and a smile = a hot plate of sticky date pudding. You are too cute, Thomas.
  32. Esther! You shouldn’t have straightened your curls!
  33. “Oh you’re drinking…” THIS IS A TEST.
  34. “If they drink a lot that’s a deal breaker.” #knewit
  35. There’s actually a job called Skydiving pilot? Ha.
    first dates episode three nz
  36. OMG!!! It’s Ebony from Episode 2! 
  37. “They almost look like pubic hairs.” We are never looking at fake eyelashes the same again.
  38. Are they a couple of pyromaniacs?!
  39. James and Jorvana could be characters in The Killing of a Sacred Deer. We kid you not.
  40. FYI a joke is so only if the other person thinks it so.
  41. James is being adulting shamed. Give him a fecking break.
    first dates nz episode three
  42. And...keeping it classy in the toilets…
  43. Lil needs to remember she’s on national TV.
  44. Daniel had to try calling four people. This is a revelation! I always thought someone was sitting by the phone waiting for the call. 
    first dates nz episode three
  45. Who has time to wait around while a date is in the loo for forever?! 
  47. Esther doesn’t like romantic films and Thomas just died.
    first dates nz
  48. Is this a future First Dates couple? We trust nothing now. 
  49. Oh Jorvana, you’ve had such a rough run.
    first dates nz episode three
  50. It’s the big “who’s going to pay debate,” but has anyone else noticed that the bill is always $50?
    first dates nz episode three
  51. So THAT was what the lick was about! 
  52. Oh dear, Romeo was friend-zoned.
  53. Is Esther disappointed Thomas is a Christian?
    first dates nz episode 3
  54. Daniel is SO interested when Jessica talks about herself. Not. 
  55. Jessica wanted to bring out her personality more. Don’t worry, you weren’t the only one who noticed his self-obsession.
  56. Daniel’s been friend-zoned too! 
  57. OMG! And a THIRD guy friend-zoned!!!
    first dates nz
  58. At last! We have a second date! She played that close to her chest!

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