73 Thoughts We Had While Watching Married At First Sight Episode 13

By Urban List Writers
12th Nov 2017

73 Thoughts We Had While Watching Married At First Sight Episode 13

It’s been a roller coaster ride of epic proportions and, even though there’s been a couple of times we’ve wanted to stop watching Married At First Sight, yep, we’re here again. Can’t. Stop. Watching.

Here were 73 thoughts we had while watching Married at First Sight episode 13.

  1. Total commitment dates. Oh this is gonna be good.
    married at first sight nz
  2. Annndddd….the facials have started already. 
  3. “We used psychology and expertise to match these couples.” You've done such good job. 
  4. Recap of allll the drama.
    married at first sight nz
  5. That water park looks awesome! 
    married at first sight nz
  6. We haven’t seen grumpy chops Brett before. 
  7. Mudbrick was a good choice, Ben.
  8. First date in your life where you’ve drunk red wine? Say what, Aaron?
  9. Opposite tastes in wine does not equal opposite tastes in life, Ben.
    married at first sight nz
  10. “We’re opposites in every single way.” Except blue shirts, blonde hair and blue eyes. (
    married at first sight nz
  11. Vicky so loves Disney. 
  12. Andrew and Vicky are having the best time. We wish she’d given him more of a chance.
  13. “Brett’s life is in the hands of an angel.” Bahaha. Well played, script writer.
    married at first sight nz
  14. Look at Angel go! 
  15. “To Ben.” Why aren’t we surprised? Le sigh.
  16. 29 days to being married to the most difficult man on the planet. Nailed it, Aaron.
  17. They’re still planning to be together?! So much must be going on off screen!
  18. Living in Auckland for another two years is awful? Seriously??
  19. “There’s nothing exciting, there’s nothing new, there’s nothing interesting.” Hey Ben—you should read The Urban List!
  20. “When I’m 30 I’m not going to be as hot as I am now.” OMG Ben, you’re the gift that keeps on giving.
  21. Ben keeps dissing Auckland. We can show him the way to the airport. 
  22. Eyebrow ladies are the perfect people to turn to for marriage advice.
  23. “She does my eyebrows and my eyebrows are amazing.” Self esteem sure ain’t a problem for this guy.
  24. Ben thinks there could be a future? This is the bumpiest roller coaster we’ve ever been on!
  25. And Andrew and Vicky are getting on so well!
  26. Andrew. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t realise that she cared that much—you shouldn’t be texting other women with those comments.
  27. Actually, even if you weren’t married it’s still tacky.
  28. Vicky is thinking about giving Andrew a chance? This episode has alllll the love.
    married at first sight nz
  29. “You’ve been outstanding, Angel.” That’s one way to put things! 
  30. Andddd we begin the week apart.
    married at first sight nz
  31. Has Andrew heard of pegs? 
  32. “It’s really important for the couples to….” Pani has these words on repeat.
  33. We reckon mum is a better person to go to for advice than an eyebrow lady…no matter how good those brows look.
  34. Nawww we love Aaron’s mum.
  35. We wish Ben’s mum would help out. Poor guy.
  36. For all his eye rolling Ben has fallen for Aaron…just a little bit. But still.
  37. “It’s definitely quieter.” Haha this is true, Brett!
    married at first sight nz
  38. Mike, Jeff and Damo are the most Kiwi blokes we've ever seen.
  39. “We’ve had a honeymoon and she’s been all go.” Brett nails that Kiwi speak.
  40. “Small town, everyone’s gonna know her name.” She’s on Married at First Sight—the whole country knows her name.
    married at first sight nz
  41. Angel’s parent’s sure had a theme when it came to naming their sprogs. 
    married at first sight nz
  42. These two look cute together. 
  43. Vicky’s sister looks very much like Vicky.
  44. When it comes to love, Ben, if you’re in two minds you shouldn’t do it.
  45. Andrew thinks he and Vicky are peas and carrots. Not so for their houses.
  46. And they’re heading back to Auckland! This episode has EVERYTHING.
  47. There’s still so much time to go. This better not be the final episode.
  48. “The renewal of the vows is much more important…” Pani’s changed her go-to line!
  49. Ben and Aaron are going first!
  50. “I’m the one who holds the cards today.” Ben, some thoughts just don’t need a voice.
    married at first sight nz
  51. A wedding with no guests. Looks a bit empty. 
    married at first sight nz
  52. Ben’s feeling this. He’s not even eye rolling. 
  53. Whether Aaron was gonna stay was touch and go there for a minute. Even Ben looked worried.
  54. OMG! He’s not moving to Auckland! This relationship is gone burger.
  55. Ben is actually being humble. We like this side of him.
  56. Uh oh…Ben is outta here.
  57. The thunder just when Ben says he won’t carry on the relationship is pure gold.
    married at first sight nz
  58. Awww…even we’re a bit teary. 
  59. It’s ok Aaron. You’ve won the hearts of the nation.
  60. Here we go with Andrew and Vicky.
    married at first sight nz
  61. That look when Andrew says he hopes it’s not the end. 
  62. Vicky’s tears = she’s gonna break his heart.
  63. Vicky’s glad she matched with Andrew. Hope she tells Haydn that.
    married at first sight nz
  64. Anddddd another couple bites the dust. 
  65. You’ve got one chance left, Pani and Tony.
  66. FYI—we predicted this from the start.
  67. Foreshadowing Brett isn’t going to want to stay with Angel. Say it ain’t so.
    married at first sight nz
  68. Brett’s smile when he sees Angel in contagious. 
  69. They kissed on the lips! Get it over already!
  70. Angel laughing at her own jokes is kinda cute.
    married at first sight nz
  71. Andddd we have a match. (IMAGE)
  72. BUT we’ve got tomorrow night!!
  73. And Lacey is gonna walk out—brilliant! We know where we’ll be! 

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