A Hunger Games and Twilight Theme Park Is Opening!

By Ruby Johnson
21st Aug 2017

Be prepared to re-discover your younger, (more embarrassing) fan girl self because it has just been announced that a Twilight and Hunger Games theme park is on its way. If you’ve d-low always wished you could brave it along side our girl J-Law and volunteer as tribute, then this is your time to shine.

Lionsgate Entertainment recently let us in on their epic plans to build a monster 1.3 million square foot amusement park in South Korea and we’re buzzing about it. The entire park will be based on their long list of blockbuster flicks, and split up into seven zones that are each dedicated to a popular film. Everyone’s fave franchise giants Twilight and The Hunger Games will both have their very own parks that’ll force you to leave the real world at the gate.

Each zone will be oozing with adrenaline junkie-approved rides that’ll have you screaming to surrender. You’ll get a taste of the real deal with perfectly recreated film scenes, live performances and restaurants fully dressed in movie attire. The Lionsgate website gives us a sneak peak into some of the attractions The Hunger Games park will include and we’re already sold. Put yourself into Katniss Everdeen’s boots and take the Aerial tour of the city of Panem to witness where all the drama went down. You’ll also get to ride your way to battle on a Capitol Bullet train, pit stopping through all the districts on the journey.

Liongate is promising to drop some jaws when opening its gates in 2019, giving us bucket loads of time to save up some cash for our tickets. And might we add, plenty of time to rummage through our old threads to locate our I <3 Twilght merchandise tees. Whether you’re team Jacob or Edward/Peeta or Gale, get pumped as this is how you can relive all your past obsessions (other than your old Taylor Lautner werewolf posters).

The Deets:

What: Lionsgate Movie World

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