Are You Up For This Beauty Detox?

By Hannah Jackson
31st Jul 2018

Are You Up For This Beauty Detox?

It’s true, many of us are serious makeup hoarders. Guilty of acquiring a few too many lippies and never throwing them away, keeping mascaras that have long since gone lumpy and all those eye shadow pallets that we’re never going to use continue to hold up space in our cupboards! Let’s face it, it’s extremely hard to wave goodbye to our gorgeously packaged products and skincare—even if you have owned them for a million years. 

But now, The Arbonne Drawer Detox Challenge is set to change all this. It is asking Kiwi beauty consumers to declutter their collections down to the products we truly know and love. It challenges us to get rid of those products we no longer use—those that are well past expired, filled with toxic nasties or not cruelty-free. Remember, it’s about quality over quantity! 

Research shows that women tend to own eight times more make-up than they actually use and that’s just makeup! Think of all the other beauty products we hoard…mind blown! 

So where on earth do we begin?  Firstly, pick out every expired product from and bin it baby! Remember, beauty products have a shelf life—active ingredients very rarely work after this date anyway, making the product far less effective. 

Next, take a good long look at your ever-growing beauty stash and throw out any products you no longer use—we know there’s ought to be at least one shade of lippie you had serious regrets about buying. 

Finally, say goodbye to any products that contain nasty, toxic ingredients and to finish off your de-clutter, why not consider making your collection cruelty-free while you’re at it? 

But you can do good with your drawer detox! Gift any unexpired or unused products to charity or even your family and friends and of course, look out for Mother Earth and recycle disposables,when possible. 

To participate in this challenge, simply de-clutter your beauty stash and be sure to share a photo to Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #DrawerDetox and tag @ArbonneAUNZ to be into win a full, conscious, capsule collection of Arbonne products. 

Sound good? We think so!

The Deets: 

What: The Arbonne Drawer Detox Challenge

Where: In your own home

When: Until the end of August

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