Auckland’s Best Vegan Desserts

By Alix Higby
27th Feb 2017

Auckland’s Best Vegan Desserts

What a wonderful modern world we live in where you can veganise all your classic desserts! With all the options on offer in Auckland these days, you’ll forget what regular ol’ dairy cream even tastes like. Dessert means different things to different people—some prefer fruit, some prefer chocolate and some prefer to close their eyes and point randomly at the menu. Since we’re living in the real world and not every dessert available is vegan we don’t suggest the latter, but passing the buck to the chef and exclaiming, “as long as it’s animal free, I’m easy! Lol *wink face*” is a light-hearted way to show that even though you have a “restrictive diet”, you’re still a fun-loving dessert-aholic. Still not sure you know where to go for vegan sweet treats in the big smoke? This list should help!

Tart Bakery

Grey Lynn

Can you call yourself an Auckland vegan if you haven’t been to Tart Bakery? Revered for the mind-bending presentation of their baked goods (“are you sure this is vegan??”) this Grey Lynn must-do offers vegan. cream. doughnuts!! They’re likely to sell out fast, so if you’re after the nostalgia of this bygone childhood staple get in quick! Keep up to date with Tart’s evolving menu by following their Facebook page where they regularly post the day’s offerings. These people are crafty creative geniuses and their statuses? Hilarious.



Ah, Giapo. What more is there left to say about Queen St dessert institution Giapo? Except that they’ve moved! Maybe you’re craving the classic coconut based Siam Popo or wondering when the choc chip vegan cookie extravaganza will be back, but now you’ll need to pop by their new location on Gore St. Oh those chocolate chip cookies dipped in chocolate…. what with a larger premise and all, how long till they start selling them by the bucket??



Feelin’ fancy? Pop down to Milse where it’s all dessert, all the time!* Offering dine in a la carte sweet treats or, for those who do not give a flying hoot about the Auckland housing market—a dessert degustation. With wine matches. We’re not sure if that last one has a vegan option but we’re amazed nonetheless.

If you’re in a hurry or feel like a stroll down the waterfront, grab a dark choc pop to go.  We love the mango—it’s divine and perfectly balanced with the high cocoa percentage. The veganness of these treats are unlabelled and flavours change often, so check for suitability first. And, be sure to allow at least an extra 60 seconds of ‘gram time in front of the brick wall on your way out.

*within trading hours.



Headed by Brian Campbell, formerly of Milse, what d’ya know it’s another decadent dessert destination!  This time it’s on Fort Street, where they’re open until at least 10pm on a school night (ooooh sugar AND a late bed time!). The raspberry and chocolate sorbet on a stick is certified vegan so you’ll arrive with your order already in mind. The only thing you’ll have to figure out is how to admire its presentation to a satisfactory extent before the whole thing melts.

Wise Cicada


Newmarket organic vegan stalwart Wise Cicada has an entire cabinet full of decadence waiting to be adopted by your compassionate heart. From cookies to cheesecake to little bites of chocolate-covered coconut, no matter the size of the craving you’ll find the perfect treat for you. May we plant the concept of the bannoffee raw cheesecake in your brain? Yes? It’s creamy and soft and the ratio of “cheese” mixture to base is spot on. We find the sizing is quite generous, so if you are too, you might like to share.



Did you know Mondays does nights now? Did you know they do chocolate coconut SUNDAES? Chocolate bark, chocolate ganache + coconut ice cream… It’s a vegan-kid’s dream come true. They also offer a citrus ‘Lemon Dream’ option consisting of buckwheat biscuit and lemon curd for those peculiar folk who don’t care for chocolate. What’s more, their delish cabinet treats are also available. Open late Thursday to Saturday, you can now get amongst the romantic Monday vines in Kingsland while satiating that evening sweet tooth.

Kiss Kiss Eatery


Bright colours! Long tables! Umbrellas! Sticky rice pudding with mango! Yes, you can get a vegan sticky rice pudding at Kiss Kiss Eatery in Balmoral. Dessert needn’t be all ice cream and cake, you know. Though Kiss Kiss is open from 7am for brunchin’ and lunchin’—with suitable vegan options we might add—their evening menu starts at 5pm. So, you’ve had a long uninspiring day at the office have ya? Grab your person, get cosy up in there and let the Thai-inspired mango flavour carry you away…

The Caker


If you’re in charge of dessert for a function or you just want to really show off to your colleagues on your birthday (and show off you WILL) The Caker is your first port of call. It is a vegan cake utopia! All kinds of glaze, freeze-dried fruits, chocolate ganache plus optional candles and fresh flowers to boot! Be sure to order ahead because these wonderful cakers need 24 hours’ notice. They also offer delivery and have gluten-free options available. We’ll be damned if Susan’s not impressed.

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Image credit: Mondays

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