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The Best Outdoor Date Spots In Auckland

By Tennille Ziegler
7th Dec 2016

The Best Outdoor Date Spots In Auckland

The days are heatin’ up and, hopefully, so is your love life. Say goodbye to winter Tinder fails, and hello to a summer fling. Nothing says summer more than days spent watching the sunset with your romantic lover, only to reminisce on the days spent together when the weather turns sour again. 

Whether it’s a summer love, or trying to bring back the spark, a date with mates or just a solo date, we’ve got the best outdoor spots to have them this summer. 

Maori Bay

Head to the West Coast for a sunset session at Maori Bay. Located just around the corner from Muriwai, pack a blanket, park your car and watch the waves roll beneath you. 

Mount Eden

If you don’t want to venture from the city, head to Mount Eden for a picnic. Watch the city light up as the sun starts to set…consider it a mini New York. 

Cox’s Bay

Take a stroll with your loved one to Cox’s Bay Reserve. Walk through the park and soak in the views along walkways. Once you’re ready to set up spot for the evening, head to the seaside and enjoy watching nature.

Mission Bay

A classic Kiwi date is fish and chips on the beach at Mission Bay. Now that the Pokemon Go phenomenon is over, you can enjoy said fish and chips in peace. We recommend hiring roller blades and going for a skate along the waterfront while you’re at it. 

Takapuna Beach

Why not make a beach day a date day? We’re all for it. Take your date to Takapuna beach for the day, get take away salads from Bird On A Wire, and then make a pit stop for ice creams at Takapuna Beach Café. 

Achilles Point

If you like looking out at the ocean, and admiring the view – more specifically Rangitoto Island, then take a stroll to Achilles Point. Enjoy the view, and get really romantic by pointing to the stars in the sky and making wishes…

Kauri Bay

If you’re South Eastern Bay resident, Kauri Bay is the perfect date spot. Wine and dine your lover at Kauri Bay Boomrock, then head down the beach for a wee dip in the ocean. Heck, why not make it a skinny dip session? 

Outdoor Cinemas

We understand it can get a little boring into the ocean and watching the waves roll on by. We’re all for it, but we also understand you need a change in scenery. So, take it away from the ocean and to the grass and instead of watching nature, watch an outdoor film. 

Man O’War Vineyard 

Ah, the wonderful Waiheke Island, what a glorious place filled with great wine and delicious food. It can be difficult to choose what winery to head to on a summer’s day, but Man O’War vineyard has our vote. Located right at the bottom of Waiheke Island, it’ll be a journey in itself to get there, but once you do, you get to hang out on the grass and bask in the sunshine. Our advice: take a game for the grass and you’ll be entertained for hours. 

Woodhill Forest

If adventure is your middle name, forget about laxing out with a picnic in tow. Head to Woodhill Forest out west, and get ready to get your biking on. Sometimes there’s no harm in getting a bit of sweat on, while riding some rough terrain (just grazed knees). 

Auckland Domain Wintergardens

Get romantic and enjoy looking at all of the oh-so-pretty flowers at Auckland Domain’s Wintergardens. Stop and smell the roses take a moment to tell your loved one how much you appreciate them while you’re at it. 

Dr Rudi’s Rooftop Bar

We love a rooftop bar in the summer months and, we’re not lying when we say it makes us a feel a little cool when we sip cocktails on a rooftop. Dr Rudi’s is the new fave hotspot for us. Spend the arvo in the sunshine outside, and then hit the bowling alley when the sun goes down. That sounds like an ideal date to us! 

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