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Coca-Cola Has Released A New Flavour…And We Like It!

By Albert Cho
11th May 2018

Coca Cola Has Released A New Flavour And We Like It

Here at The Urban List, there are a few things that we consider as necessities and keep our fridges stocked up with at all times. These include, wine, cheese, chocolate and Diet Coke so of course we got hyped up about this brand new launch by Coca-Cola!

We all know that someone who shakes their head while we chug down the cans of diet soda and they never forget to mention that chemically sweetened drinks are unhealthy for you. Well they can take a seat as Coca-Cola have released a purely naturally sweetened version—Coca-Cola Stevia No Sugar.

Coca-Cola have been dabbling with the leaf of the stevia plant for quite some time now and incorporated it into Coca-Cola Life. Let’s just say, it didn’t go down too well with the punters. But then tthey did some more digging and found a way to use only the natural stevia to get it tasting like the nectar of the Gods!

Being daily drinkers of Diet Coke at The Urban List (don’t judge), we consider ourselves connoisseurs of the beverage and we’re thinking it’s time to start stocking our fridges with the newly born baby of the Coca-Cola family. It tastes just like Diet Coke but all naturally sweetened to shut those health nuts up, what more could we ask for?

So let’s welcome Coca-Cola Stevia No Sugar to the Coca-Cola family as they’ll be waiting for us in Auckland shops, now!

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