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Five Minutes With | Amanda Billing

By Marilynn McLachlan
16th Mar 2017

Sarah Potts AKA Amanda Billing has returned to life and we here at The Urban List think it is only fitting that her resurrection involves one of the return of one of the spookiest reality TV shows out there.

That’s right, those super-natural sleuths Kelvin Cruickshank, Sue Nicholson and Deb Webber are back with their hit show, Sensing Murder. This season they’ll be investigating four cold cases—three brutal attacks and one mysterious disappearance. Each case will run over two episodes as we wait, biting our nails, to find out if they can solve them.

Amanda Billing steps in as the show’s host this season and so we thought it was a great time to spend five minutes chatting with her.

Amanda, we’re so excited you’re back on our screens! What’s been happening in your life post Sarah?

Heaps! Appearances on a few television series, a web series pilot, a few plays, and a HEAP of creativity.

How was it working on Sensing Murder? Did you get goose bumps?

Yeah, I got shivers up my spine for sure. My role was to work in the studio doing the on-camera presentation as well as to do a lot of voice-over and there were some episodes I really looked forward to recording because I know they’ll freak people out. Don’t be surprised if you get teary watching as well, though. I found this series really moving.

Was it weird working with psychics? Like, could they read your mind??!

Haha—the only time I got to work with them was doing publicity. I think they’re pretty good at getting the gist of people. But I don’t have a lot to hide so I don’t care!

What’s the best thing about being an actress/presenter?

Getting to play for a living.

And the worst?

Learning lines. It’s gotta be done, and I’m getting good at it, but I don’t really enjoy it. Once they’re in there though, cue: “the best thing about being an actress/presenter”.

If you weren’t an actress or presenter, what else would you be?

A visual artist.

What does an average day look like for you?

I’m a freelancer these days so each day is different. However, my day always starts with black coffee, usually involves creativity of some kind, as well as another coffee or two (bought from my faves), plus at least a couple of great, honest conversations. I sneak a nap in there too, if I can.

What would people be most surprised to learn about you?

I don’t know if this will be surprising but I only realised recently just how impatient I can be. I also rarely finish books.

What is your life mantra?

I have a few, from each member of my family. I can’t tell you my brother’s because it’s unprintable, but the other three I keep pretty close to the surface of my mind whether I can stick to them or not:

From my Dad: Don’t crowd your life.

From my Mum: Just be yourself.

From my sister: Everything is always working out. Especially when it doesn’t feel like it.

What do you love most about Auckland?

I love that I can drive for 15-20 minutes and reach a bunch of different beaches. I love climbing Maungawhau/Mt Eden. I love how good our hospitality industry is. I love that there are so many great local designers along Ponsonby Road. Despite all the things people complain about, I love my city. It’s home.

Favourite local spots:

For a drink? Little Bird for the best green smoothie in town.

For breakfast? Goodness Gracious in Eden Terrace, Crave Cafe in Morningside, Kokako in Grey Lynn.

For dinner? Coco’s CantinaTony’s Steakhouse and Satya in Sandringham.

For shopping? Ponsonby Road for pretty much everything. K’ Road for great second hand and vintage clothes.

For exercise? Hahahahaaaahaaaaaa what? Oh yeah, exercise. Ummmmm <tries to remember the last time she exercised> that’s right! LudusFour Winds Yoga. If you’re looking for a PT track down Richie Hardcore, he’s super. Keeping it simple, we have lots of volcanoes—climb one, especially to catch dawn or dusk (which will get easier for the next few months).

 All New Sensing Murder Thursday’s 8.30pm on TVNZ 2

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