Psst! Auckland is Getting Its First Matcha Café

By Albert Cho
16th Mar 2018

Psst! Auckland is Getting Its First Matcha Café

Guys! We have some BIG news. Japanese tea brand Tsujiri are opening up a café in Auckland and it’s ALL dedicated to matcha green tea! This brand originated from Kyoto (a.k.a. matcha heaven) and has been established for 155 years, so we know for sure that they’re not playing around.

If you’re thinking that all these guys will be serving is tea, you are very wrong. Tsujiri are renowned for providing their customers with a menu that consists of delicious and unique matcha creations and Auckland is no exception to that. Some of their goodies include matcha soft serves, sundaes, shaved ice, mochi, chiffon cakes and more.

We’ve all gotten a little experimental and tried a matcha latte from our local café. But matcha ice blended floats are something that needs to be ticked off our bucket list and Tsujiri will be providing the goods. Tsujiri will be opening their doors very soon so get excited!


What: Tsujiri Matcha Café
When: Coming soon
Where: 10 Lorne Street, Auckland

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