The Bachelorettes: Where Are They Now?

By Natasha Van Der Laan
15th Jul 2016

The Bachelorettes: Where Are They Now?

It’s been more than three months since The Bachelor NZ graced our TV screens. Yup, three months since Jordan gave Fleur his final rose…only to take it off her days later. Since then, Jordan has dropped off the face of the earth (it’s probably for the best) and the girls have left the mansion for greener pastures. We checked in with the girls (read: stalked their Instagrams) to see how life is treating them since their Bachelor days. Here’s the low-down on our eight faves Bachelorettes.                                                                                           


Bless your heart, Fleur. We were #teamfleur from the get-go and we’re sorry things turned out the way they did. Being the lovely person she is, Fleur has no bad blood between her and Jords, saying “I have no hard feelings towards Jordan and that I respect his honesty” in an Insta post.

But there’s love on the horizon for our gal Fleur. She was photographed strolling the streets of Ponsonby with fellow photographer Richard Wood.

“We’re taking things really slowly and getting to know each other,” she told Woman’s Day. “It’s really early days, so it’s not official yet, but it’s looking good.” Jordan who?

She’s also since become besties with fellow contestant Shari, exploring the Pacific Islands on a cruise together.


On the subject of Shari, she’s still a proud member of Naz’s hit-list with her Insta bio reading “Member of Naz’s Hit List”.

She got into the spirit of things on her cruise with Fleur, sporting cornrows and snorkel gear like the champ she is. She can be found pulling her famous shaka sign and has even replaced her beloved Michael Hill necklace with a shaka charm.


Nasty Naz, you were the saving grace for the show’s ratings. Things wouldn’t have been half as fun if it weren’t for your hit-list ways.

Since the show ended, she has shown (some) remorse, apologising for swearing at the woman tell-all screening in a Facebook vid entitled ‘A MESSAGE TO THE NATION – I’M SORRY. X’. But she didn’t endear herself to anyone when she—yet again—went into attack-mode and attempted the manipulative crying card again. #Sorrynotsorry doesn’t cut it, Naz.

Jordan has since become a long-lost memory—she’s found herself a hunky boyfriend by the name of Craig Sutherland. Word on the street is that Craig is a businessman by day and a stripper by night—reow! 


Since The Bach, Gab has been gyming up a storm. Her Insta feed is all TRX bands, bosu balls and reformer Pilates. It seems her efforts are paying off—she’s sporting some mighty fine abs. You go, girl!

She’s still friendly with her main man Jordan, sipping on coconuts together at The Blue Breeze Inn and having a drink together at Gypsy Tea Room (our insider tells us Jordan looked like a lumberjack).


Ceri-Like-The-Juice is using her newfound fame to do good. After being in an abusive relationship before her time on The Bach, she’s now a spokesperson for Woman’s Refuge. She’s also a finalist in Miss Auckland 2016, which will be going down on September 17.

Pageant and good deeds aside, she been busy dyeing her hair pink, baking cakes and partying with Amelia Finlayson (aka Max Key’s ex).


Claudia has been lovin’ life since her numbered days on The Bachelor NZ. It seems PR companies are lovin’ her too—she’s all about the shameless plugs for Barbas & Zacari, Trilogy, Nomad Nutrition, Bare Babe, Bravo…the list goes on. She’s also counting down to a holiday in Bali (no Hawaii this year?).


Erin is all fun and games since she said laterz to Jords. She partied with Jordan just days after he ditched Fleur, appearing in a group photo on Jord’s Insta. Erin is no stranger to selfies and Snap Chat filters with her Instagram feed being dominated by cheeky snaps.

She recently said farewell to Auckland and has moved to Sydney. No word on how long she’s in Syd-town for.


Last and in no ways least, we’ve got show fave Kate. She’s still working as an account manager for Woman’s Day (which is perhaps why the girls keep featuring). She’s had a somewhat of makeover since appearing on the Bach and is rocking new glasses and a stylish lob haircut. She’s still chummy with fellow contestants, spending time with show bestie Gab and Erin. 

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Image credit: TV3

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