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Don’t Miss This Epic Ponsonby Winter Pub Crawl!

By Albert Cho
20th Jun 2018

The Ponsonby Winter Series

The big four of Ponsonby are coming together to treat Aucklanders to an exclusive traveling degustation! Yep, four iconic bars are creating an innovative dish with a cocktail to match. Let us give you a little taste of what’s in store at The Ponsonby Winter Series!

The four bars that are in on this epic collaboration are Longroom, Revelry, Mr. Toms and Bedford Soda Bar & Liquor. They all offer something different but they all offer nothing but greatness. Join them on the best Ponsonby bar hop for a new mid-winter social experience.

The bar of social class and poise, the Longroom will be starting us off with stout-braised beef cheeks on a decadent and soul-warming creamy mash, paired with a fancy snow-themed flute of champagne—Veuve Cliquot of course! Down the line, we have a special cocktail from Revelry with their soft shell tacos, Mr. Toms serving up freshness with their Vodka & Lime-Cure Salmon tartar with smoked cream cheese and a Fuzzy Peach cocktail. You can’t call it the end of a night without dessert and Bedford Soda & Liquor have got our backs with their decadent cheesecake and a Kentucky Coffee cocktail, a genius concoction of Irish coffee and bourbon.

Hop your way through Ponsonby to these four powerhouses in any order you please. All close to one another in proximity, you won’t have to spend that extra cash on taxi fares and energy on unwanted cardio.

The Deets:

What: Ponsonby Winter Series
When: July 5th, Thursday, 
Where: Longroom, Mr. Toms, Revelry & Bedford Soda & Liquor
Price: $60
For more information, click here

Image Credit: Jaiden Bhaga

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