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Travel Around The World With These Epic Food Markets

By Albert Cho
28th Mar 2018

Travel Around The World With These Epic Food Markets

April just got a whole lot better as it is going to be a month of our two favourite things—food and culture! With Summer At Silo Park coming to an end, they are taking every opportunity to host something epic for us Aucklanders.

Friday night movies will feature some of our faves such as Thor: Ragnarok, O Brother, Where Art Thou and Guardians of the Galaxy. To wrap up Summer At Silo Park Friday movie nights, they’re giving us a chance to choose the film for the night and the crowd favourite will be played for People’s Choice on the 27th of April.

Summer At Silo Park aren’t just treating us with films, they’re going HARD with the food stalls to end things with a bang. Treat April as your month to taste the different flavours of the world as every week will be dedicated to a different cuisine!

First on the list, we have the good old Eurporean markets which is a favourite amongst majority of Aucklanders. We’re talking organic gelato from Lalele, Langos Fried Bread Puffs, Urban Escargot and more! Get to Silo Park on Sunday, April 8th as World on the Street: Europe will be on from 12pm to 6pm to get a slice of Europe.

Next up, we got World on the Street: Latin America! Tacos, empanadas and Latino street food will be taking over Silo Park and we couldn’t be more excited. To really liven the vibe up with Latin vibes, Latin inspired tracks will be the music of the night while themed drinks are served. Head on over to Silo Park on Saturday, 14th April from 12pm to 6pm to get your Latin fix!

Week 3 will consist of some of Auckland’s favourite food trucks coming together to accompany the events that is held that night. Saturday, 21st April is the afternoon for the event Executive Leisure & Friends and will consist of DJ’s Murry Sweetpants, Nyntee and a few of their musical mates.

Round 4 is the final week of Summer At Silo Park and this one is going to be a biggie. As mentioned before, Friday, 27th April will be the night of People’s Choice and there will be our favourite food stalls and food trucks around to provide us the best movie snacks. Then on Saturday, 21st April we have the final run of World on the Street with the most flavourful cuisine of all – Southeast Asian! Finish off Summer At Silo Park with some steamed bao buns, teppanyakki, dumplings and noodles at World on the Street: Southeast Asian.

Let’s take a moment to thank our friends at Summer At Silo Park a huge thank you for giving us something to do every single week these past couple of months? We could not imagine a Kiwi summer without them.

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