Your Instagram Pics We Loved This Week

By Jaiden Bhaga
6th Nov 2016

Nothing can beat the sick grams you superstars keep on sharing with us on the weekly. From ice cream sammies to slick city views you guys have got it covered. We all know that a gram is tricky business and comes with a hefty helping of side eyes, cold food and what seems to be yoga level flexibility to get just the right angle. But you aren’t alone, your fellow “kids these days” appreciate your hard work. 

Who needs to shred for summer when you can share your summer—with us! Use #urbanlistakl and tag us @urbanlistakl and you could find yourself featured!! 

Here are our top 5 pics for the week:



Daily calorie intake in one snack? Go on then! ��

A photo posted by Martha Brooke (@marthvadar) on


You know you want to… go on and treat yourself! Legendary Urban List writer @marthvadar nailed it with this ice cream sandwich from The Dairy.



The best thing about summer? The fruit bowls of course! You gotta head over to The Factory Markets and grab yourself one of these bad boys. Shared by @jessicarblair




A photo posted by ANGEL PUN (@angelykp) on


Okay okay, you twisted my arm, cheat day number three might be on the cards after seeing this spread from Blind Basket. Shared by @Angelykp



What more could you ask for? Shout out to @_awpersonal for capturing this stunner morning in our Big Little City. 



Little Albert Coffee has your caffeine cravings sorted with gorgeous iced coffees sure to get you kickstarted for an epic summer adventures.

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