10 Of Our Favourite Hummus Dishes In Perth

By Ella Liascos
13th Dec 2016

The dip to end all dips. Hummus is more than the delicious starter that we can’t get enough of—it’s a way of life. As the only dip you can purchase by the litre at your local supermarket, it’s no surprise that dedicated hummus restaurants have opened up all around the world—proving that this humble ‘dip’ is worthy of main meal status.

Here are 10 of our favourite hummus dishes in Perth.  

The Hummus Club


A crowd-funded project that was inevitably going to be a success, The Hummus Club opened up on William Street, providing a safe place for hummus lovers to unite and feel understood. A place where you can skip the pita bread and eat your falafel on a bed of hummus instead, it’s a real-life dream come true.

Lady Of Ro


From the brains behind Boucla—everyone’s favourite gourmet cafe on Rokeby Road—comes Lady of Ro, a place where you can get all the homemade Mediterranean inspired food you could ever want. With generous proportions, you can easily fill up on their shared platter which, of course, features some amazing hummus. Take our advice and get plenty of the freshly baked bread to go with it! 

Creatures Next Door


For sunflower hummus served with tomato, crispy bread and a view, Creatures Next Door is the place to go. With two balconies boasting panoramic vistas of Fremantle’s Fishing Boat Harbour, it's a pretty rad spot to enjoy a feed, and if you like your hummus with a side of beer and live jazz, then this is the place to be on a Sunday afternoon.

The Prophet

East Victoria Park

A local secret in East Vic Park, you know you’ve found a good thing at The Prophet when you have to make a booking to get a seat. This family owned venture serves good, honest Lebanese food, including tabouleh, falafel and fried kibbeh—all perfect accompaniments to their creamy hummus which is served with a good glug of olive oil and a sprinkle of parsley and paprika.

Chu Bakery


There is something magical about an open sandwich. That top slice has always been an unnecessary distraction from the filling. Enter, Chu Bakery—makers of many different varieties of toast topped with all your favourite condiments, including their ever-popular hummus toast served with ribbons of cucumber and chilli. Delish.



The guys at Kazoomies clearly never listened to their mum when she said stop playing with your food. Serving vertical towers of falafels alongside a delicious plate of Jerusalem hummus, average just doesn’t cut it at Kazoomies.



Modern Australian fare with a Middle-Eastern twist is Meeka’s forte. You’ll find some impressive ingredient pairings like hazelnut pumpkin fava bean falafels, whipped feta and beetroot jam, all served up with a big plate of hummus sprinkled with pine nuts and served with charred Za'atar flatbread.



Served with fresh grilled pita bread, Brika understands that good hummus is incomplete without a quality dipping mechanism. This Greek oasis in Northbridge will transport you to the islands—literally, as much of what you’ll see in Brika is imported from Greece, including their hummus recipe. The shared dining experience at Brika gives you the creative freedom to eat your hummus in combination with any other dish on the menu—the spinach and fetta spanakopita being a particularly heavenly match, but the possibilities are endless.

The Garden


There’s not much that isn’t available on the menu at The Garden and hummus is no exception. Served with toasted Turkish bread, tzatziki, balsamic and olive oil and your favourite beverage from their extensive drinks menu—we'd recommend a jug of sangria—this is simplicity at it's best. Find a long table inside or a spot on their balcony surrounded by tall trees and soak up the courtyard vibes.

Manna Wholefoods


A long-time local for Fremantle’s health conscious, Manna Wholefoods serves a cabinet packed full of good things, many of which include hummus. Always homemade and fresh, you’ll find hummus hiding in their falafel wraps and their Lebanese lunchbox—two solid options for your midday work break. But get in quick as it goes fast. 

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The Hummus Club | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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