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10 Podcasts You Need To Listen To Now

By Chloe Sputore
16th Nov 2016

We owe a lot to podcasts—they make our morning commute bearable, educate us on how not to be murdered, provide loads of comic relief and generally make us better humans. What on earth did we do without them? Listen to the radio? Thank god those days are over (soz Kyle and Jackie O).

With a new pod launching on the daily, there's a plethora of options out there no matter your interests, but here are 10 podcasts we are loving right now (and we think you need to subscribe to, stat).

#1. How I Built This

Kicking off with a pod from the gods of podcasts, NPR's How I Built This offers a behind the scenes pass to how some of the biggest brands in the world came to fruition. Hosted by Guy Raz, the voice behind my all-time fave TED Radio Hour, guests include Spanx creator Sara Blakely, Airbnb founder Joe Gebbia and VICE's Suroosh Alvi. At around 30 minutes per episode, you'll polish these off in no time at all.

#2. My Favourite Murder

We're still getting over the giant Serial-shaped hole in our hearts since the season one finale two years ago, but thankfully now there's My Favourite Murder to satisfy the creepy part of our brain that's obsessed with true crime stories. A comedy podcast, hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark discuss their favourite murderous tales and talk to hometown stories emailed in by listeners. The humour makes the stories slightly less scary, just slightly.

#3. Dear Hank & John

Famous YouTube brothers Hank and John Green catch up weekly to answer questions, give dubious advice, chat about all the recent happenings on Mars and run through the news from AFC Wimbledon (a fourth tier English football club). Originally created with a teenage audience in mind (John is the author of YA fiction fave The Fault In Our Stars) the podcast recently began to attract an adult audience because it's so dang funny and relatable. Don't worry if you're not interested in AFC Wimbledon, Hank hates it too, adding to the hilarity.

#4. The Awkward Human Survival Guide

Most of us are a little bit awkward, which is why we're so grateful The Awkward Human Survival Guide was created. Covering all of the awkward questions people ask us (or the ones we are too awkward to ask others) this podcast is a treat for the funny bone and it's worth mentioning that it's not safe for work!

#5. Lore

Winner of multiple awards, Lore explores the darker side of history and folklore. It's creepy AF, yet you won't be able to switch off—just hope you don't get nightmares. The podcast has been so successful that it's being developed into a ten-episode TV series by the same producer as The Walking Dead—you can expect to see this one gracing our screens in mid-2017.

#6. No Such Thing As A Fish

Fans of British quiz show QI will want to subscribe to No Such Thing As A Fish, stat. Presented by the researchers from said TV show, this weekly podcast covers some of the most interesting facts the team has discovered that week. With a new episode released every Friday, you can always rely on this one for your next dinner party trivia.

#7. My Dad Wrote A Porno

What would you do if you discovered your dad had penned a porno? Well, creator of this hilarious pod, Jamie Morton, thought the best way out of the awkward mess was to read the porno, chapter by chapter, to podcast listeners all over the world. Accompanied by his friends Alice and James, this one is filled with laughs and is definitely not safe for public transport!

#8. Monocycle With Leandra Medine

Looking to get intellectual and a little bit deep? Monocycle is for you. Presented by our fave lady boss and Man Repeller creator, Leandra Medine, the podcast is a weekly (but sometimes bi-weekly) digest of whatever's on Leandra's mind. Covering topics from careers and relationships to body image and productivity, it's a listen that'll get you thinking.

#9. How Did This Get Made?

If you're a fan of Screen Junkie's Honest Trailers you'll LOVE How Did This Get Made? Funny people Paul Scheer (The League), June Diane Raphael (Grace and Frankie) and Jason Mantzoukas (The League) get together after watching a hilariously bad movie to chat about everything wrong with it, read some hilarious Amazon reviews and discuss how the heck the actors agreed to do it in the first place.

#10. Sampler

Always on the lookout for your next fave listen? Sampler is the podcast for you. Featuring the best stories from the podcast world with a special guest each week, you'll never be short of something to listen to. Sadly the Sampler team have finished recording new episodes, but there're over 30 episodes with LOADS of new podcasts to discover within each one.

Looking for more? We've got your covered here and here.

Image credit: Man Repeller

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