13 Perth Spots That Will Take Your Breath Away

By Kirsty Petrides
25th Sep 2016

It’s no secret that we Western Australians live in one of the most picturesque places in the world. White sand beaches. Turquoise blue oceans. Sprawling vineyards. Lush greenery. And all of it being showcased in the most spectacular way possible—by being bathed in the beautiful Perth sunshine.

Damn, we’re a pretty lucky bunch, aren’t we?

To help you decide where to enjoy our glorious natural wonders, we’ve done the hard work for you and found some of Perth’s most breathtaking spots. It’ll make you proud to be a Western Australian, we guarantee it.

Heathcote Reserve


Heathcote Reserve is very conveniently located on the top of a massive hill, meaning you get sprawling 180 degree views of the stunning Swan River. Beaut. You can BYO snacks and drinks, but if you forget, that’s cool, because they have a coffee shop right there. How convenient.

Sullivan’s Rock

Mount Cooke

If you’re willing to drive for a bit in order to get your breathtaking view, head south to Mount Cooke (a little past Armadale) and climb up to Sullivan’s Rock. Once there, you’ll feel so tranquil and peaceful with sprawling views over the Darling Ranges, you’ll forget all about that jerk in your office or that idiot driver who cut you off the other day.

North Fremantle Foreshore

North Fremantle

On a lovely summer’s day, you can head in to this little pocket of North Freo, make yourself comfy on the grass and watch all the millionaires with their boats sail to and from Rottnest. It might make you a little bit depressed that you don’t also own your own yacht, so take some wine and cheese with you to lift your spirits.

The Lawn

Cottesloe Beach

Obviously. The view of Perth’s most iconic beach is good enough, however your experience can be enhanced by fish and chips.

Zig Zag Lookout


Sitting in the Gooseberry Hill National Park, the Zig Zag Lookout offers great views over Perth and is a top notch picnic location. It’s especially impressive (and romantic) at night when the lights of the city are twinkling, so pencil it in as a hot date spot.

Bicton Baths


Bicton Baths is a delightful little part of the Swan. There is a beach area that is semi enclosed by jetties, so if you’ve got loads of energy, you can knock yourself out and go kayaking, snorkelling, swimming or stand-up paddle-boarding. Or, you can pull up a picnic rug and a beer and watch the energetic people doing all their water activities while you sink froffies. Both options are equally enjoyable.

Monument Hill


Here is a step by step guide to a lovely little night—grab a picnic rug, get some cheap Asian eats from Freo’s Old Shanghai, find a bottle of wine, then take it all up to Monument Hill to watch the sun set over our port city. So easy, so affordable and so magic.

Mrs Herbert’s Park


This part of the Swan River boasts delightfully clear water, so you can go right ahead and jump in. However if you’re not down for a swim, all the trees provide lots of nice shady spots for you to sit and enjoy the views of the river. Cheese and crackers are also encouraged.

Melville Beach Parade


A lovely little park perfect for going for a walk, jog or just sitting admiring the view. It also happens to be full of kite-boarders, so if the view of the sparkling river and the city skyline doesn’t do it for you (seriously though, as if) you’ve got the extra entertainment of watching countless kite-boarders do their thing.

Serpentine Falls


Serpentine Falls is a beauty of a picnic place any time of year—but the little waterfall which runs over boulders and into a large pool in Serpentine River is most impressive in winter and early spring. Plus, there are loads of wild flowers blooming all over the place for you to gaze at, as well as benches, tables and barbeques for you to create a feast in the most picturesque surrounds. Ah, the serenity.

South Beach

South Fremantle

If you want a killer sunset, South Beach is the way to go with its big sprawling grassed area, loads of barbecues and heaps of picnic spots. So swing by Franks Gourmet Meats on your way, buy some steaks and snags, and have a big old fashioned barbie in the park while watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean.

Herdsman Lake


Herdsman Lake is one of the most peaceful and tranquil nature reserves you’ll find—and it's right in the middle of inner-city suburbia. You can take in the breathtaking views of the lake by picnicking, basking in the sunshine on the grass, or joining the one thousand people who charge around walking/running countless laps of the lake.

Bayview Park

Mosman Park

Bayview Park above Freshwater Bay offers some pretty speccy views of the city and river. It’s a serene little patch perched right above the cliff overlooking the bay and shaded by gum trees, offering you plenty of patches to take a load off and take in the mighty Swan River in all its glory.

Herdsman Lake | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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