25 Things You Should Know When You Move To Perth

By Sarah Joanna Pope
8th Oct 2016

So you’re new to P-town—or maybe you’ve just moved back from a few years abroad. Either way… welcome friend. We’ll have you Sunday seshing and poorly merging in no time.

Here’s 25 things you should know when you move to Perth.

  1. Our local definition of good public transport is probably not your definition of good public transport.
  2. Get a car.
  3. With air conditioning.
  4. But remember, you can't drive it to the stadium.
  5. You’ll need a cool new friend to show you the kewl adult bars around town. Most bars are our little trick on the tourists. Hilar.
  6. Cottesloe is a beautiful and fickle mistress full of sharks and stingers. You wouldn’t know it by looking at her.
  7. You will get burnt. #slipslopslap
  8. We find it hilarious when Kiwis say jandals. Haha jandals. Classic.
  9. Cars of teens will drive by you screaming all sorts of sh*t—don’t worry, they're just saying hello and welcome!
  10. Uber was a big deal for us.
  11. Yes, you will get cold here in winter. Not because it’s that cold but because the heating in our homes is about as efficient as our public transport.
  12. We love a hipster concept cafe or bar. Deconstruct my coffee. Take my money!
  13. We’ll line up for a posh brunch.
  14. Douth is a rite of passage—with wine!
  15. On Fridays we drink at 4.
  16. Gumtree for all your needs—from your new share house to a threesome in Rockingham.
  17. Random kangaroos, everywhere.
  18. No more buying booze from a deli or petrol stations. The important thing is you got to experience it somewhere else.
  19. Newsreaders with Aussie accents = best.
  20. Things move more… slowly…… here.
  21. No… we shan’t be going out on weeknights. Silly big city person.
  22. Or go to Whiteman Park … ok, just this once.
  23. Bali is Perth. Bali is life.
  24. Everything won’t seem so expensive if you Pay Pass.
  25. Reality TV. Hope you like to cook, hope you like to flip houses.

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Image credit: CBH Stays.

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