3 Summer Looks You Can Nail With Less Than $100

By Rachel Lay
11th Nov 2018

Summer is always a tricky time. You’re torn between wanting to wear as little as possible while also wanting to look decent. It’s a tough (and sweaty) time for all of us.

Plus, summer just so happens to coincide with the most expensive time of the year—Christmas and New Year’s—so your outfits need to firstly, not cause you to overheat, and secondly, not blow your entire budget. 

Thankfully, we teamed up with newbies on the Perth fashion scene, DFO, to bring you the best of both worlds: on trend and at up to 70% off designer threads that won’t cause you to malfunction in the heat. Winning.

Without further ado, here are three easy, cheap and all-round winning fashion looks.

#1 The Matching Set

Jumpsuits, playsuits and dresses have a place in our heart for their ability to help us serve total looks, with only one item of clothing. This summer, we're all about applying the same logic to the matching set. Why? Because you can have max impact with minimal effort, and, with a matching set you can mix the individual pieces to get even more bang for your buck.

Plus, you can be clever with your set choices by finding a piece that suits your body shape. Think, volume on the bottom to create a more balanced look. 

#2 The Punchy Slides

It’s natural to want to be barefoot all summer long. We feel that, like on a spiritual level. Ditch the sneakers, boots, and anything that requires socks as soon as the weather warms up and trick people into thinking you’ve just come back from the French Riviera with a pair of punchy, comfortable slides.

The secret with slides is that they can seriously dress up an outfit without needing to wear heels. Bonus: there are no blisters from their strappy sandal cousins, and your feet can breathe!

We say go for a pair in a summery, vibrant tone with a natural, fun material. Something that takes you from Woolies, to the beach, to the bar, and then on to a fancy dinner. Naturally, you can find them in store at DFO Perth for up to 70% off. Add spots like Novo and Decjuba to your hit list.

#3 The OTT Print

Summer is a time to wear the loudest possible prints you can find, and totally rock them. Think Toadfish Rebecchi, but chic. Don’t be scared to mix and match prints, either, because that’s when you can have the most fun, baby! Head to DFO to find bold prints your summer-self can rock, without the scary price tag that will leave you second-guessing your bold choices.

The key to picking a print that works is finding something that’s base colour works with your skin tone. For example, if you get compliments on how great your eyes look each time you wear that red top, keep an eye out for a red-based pattern. Easy!

And just like that, you’re officially a fashion influencer. Boom. 

Editor's note: this article was produced in partnership with DFO Perth. Thank you for supporting the partners that make The Urban List possible. To read our editorial policy, click here

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