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7 Celebrity Cook Books That Don’t Actually Suck

By Jessica Pridmore
12th Jan 2017

Celebrity cook books

If anything’s going to tear us away from our UberEats addiction, it’s the allure of a well-known face performing behind the pans. We’re suckers for a good celeb cook book—who knew they could cut veggies like us mere mortals?

These well-heeled, award-winning superstars want us to believe they are all really just like us—they eat the same bad shit we do, have no time just like us, run errands and fail at adulting on the regs—but just they have better metabolisms and (much) bigger bank accounts.

Move over Donna, catcha Neil, we’ve got stars in our eyes and truffle oil in our pans. Here’s 7 celebrity cook books that are actually pretty damn great.

Cravings: Recipes For All The Foods You Want To Eat

Chrissy Teigen

A social media badass, supermodel, and one half of America’s most-loved couples (John who?), you’d expect nothing less than a laugh a minute from Chrissy Teigen’s first foray into the book world. Part cook book, part life lesson and general musings, Cravings mix of soul food, family snaps and NSFW anecdotes (John himself even features in the photoshoots, swoon!) this is the perfect date night/girls night/ Saturday night recipe book.

Can we just be you already, Teigen?

The Tucci Table

Stanley Tucci

Picture this: Stanley Tucci, his wife Felicity Blunt, her actor sister Emily, and her husband John (Krazinski, no biggie) all sitting around the dinner table having a good old chin wag—bowl of pasta on the table, wine in hand, natch. This could be you, if you bought Tucci’s cook book. Minus the sickeningly famous guests, of course… The second book from Stanley, The Tucci Table showcases classic recipes from his childhood; think rich pastas, meats and desserts, all with your name on them. Delizioso!

Joanne Trattoria

Joe Germanotta

No, this is not written by Lady Gaga (how great would that be?), but it is an indication of the things she may have eaten before being snapped leaving her parents’ infamous NYC restaurant. Joanne Trattoria is a New York icon, and with the foreword penned by Gaga herself, this is a great book to actually cook from. If classic, homely Italian dining is your jam, Joe and his team at Joanne are offering you a one-way pass to carb overload. It’s all good.

Food, Health & Happiness

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah, guys. Freaking Oprah! If anyone was to make a cook book that made us want to be better at well, life, of course it’s media mogul-come-patron-saint of daytime television Ms Winfrey. From hearty family dishes to quick snacks, Oprah's Food, Health & Happiness is on a mission to make us all think about balance; in life and what goes in our bellies.

You have to admit, she’s pretty persuasive…

In The Kitchen With Kris: A Kollection Of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favourites

Kris Jenner

From Khloe’s ‘revenge body’ fried chicken to Kim’s fave pasta dish, this is a window into the inner workings of a Kardashian/Jenner get together (on a cheat day, just to clarify). Do the Kardashians eat off paper plates we hear you ask? Do they hell. Kris has even dedicated an entire chapter to dressing your home and table, because one would never entertain without a freshly steamed table cloth and the fine china on display. Ribbing aside, the recipes In The Kitchen With Kris are delish and are well worth a spot on your bookcase.

It’s All Good

Gwyneth Paltrow

Say what you will about Goop, when it comes to food Paltrow knows her stuff (have you seen that bod? Girl’s put in the hard yards). Whether you are team Gwyneth, or you’ve consciously uncoupled from her unique style of self-branding, It’s All Good is exactly that—you won’t find a cheesecake recipe in here but you will have a plethora of delicious, healthy dishes to devour. If you’re in the midst of a lifestyle overhaul, or are looking to make meal times less, er, stodgy pick up a copy and get cooking.

Eat Like A Gilmore

Kristi Carlson

There’s no way Lorelai and Rory ate Chinese take-out, washed down with a litre of ice cream and bottomless coffee without piling on some serious kilos. It’s just not possible! Right..?

While this is not written by either Lauren Graham nor Alexis Bledel, this is fangirling of the highest order. Funded by Kickstarter and written by Gimore Girls super fan, Kristi Carlson, Eat Like A Gilmore includes all your fave dishes from the series. From Emily’s classic Martini, to Luke’s Diner’s infamous cheeseburger, all your faves are here, topped off with a huge dose of nostalgia. Oy with the poodles already…

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